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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days

Review of Black Booty Cam:

Some guys like tits. Some guys like legs (me!) Some guys like faces. Some guys like feet. And some guys like booty. Big Black Booty! There is a big attraction out there to beautiful black women and their beautiful asses. I won't deny it... I've looked at the black booty more than once in my life. And I enjoyed it! Do you? Don't lie to me now... Let's face it.. black girls are commonly known for their great asses! And this website, BlackBootyCam, allows us to worship those beautiful asses with our funsticks!

BlackBootyCam is primarily an ebony website. Not interracial, but ebony. In most of the series, the models are both black. This should be noted right away because there are lots of people who do like interracial porn, but do not like all-black porn. I can relate to this, because I am one of those people! This said, the name Black Booty Cam is a little misleading. A cam is often considered a live amateur show. The website has no such shows, and is in fact a grouping of porn videos from West Coast Productions. There are also picture shots from the videos. I'm not sure why they used the word cam in here, but I guess there are things I will never know. I do know that the name had me expecting something like a really bad site with tons of bad leased material. What I got instead was a solid, but flawed website which would be perfectly suitable for ebony fans.

When you first sign on to BlackBootyCam, you get a page with each of the latest updates for each section. The sections on the site are Videos, Hi Res Pics, Action Galleries, and Downloadable Movies. The front page is very effective in getting you where you want to go, without any hassles. Everything looks good and runs smoothly. On my browser, throughout the site, on the top of the page I would get some weird characters or something that said "start scene" scrolled a bunch. It wasn't anything major, but it was there and a flaw. The site is very easy to navigate around, as I said. Each scene is interlocked, so if you are looking at the downloadable videos, you can move easily to the streaming section, or to the pictures section. Each scene has a little icon for you to buy the VHS or DVD from the West Coast store. I never do like it when sites do that, but here its not too intrusive and its related to the sites content without making the sites content any lesser to try to get you to buy the VHS or DVD. So I suppose it's not so bad.

The movies section is actually split into two sections, one where you can download the videos and other where you can only stream them. When I first signed on to the site, i could only stream them.. so I will talk about the streams first. I never really was a fan of streaming videos because my old computer was sooooo slow that I could never do it. I also like keeping and burning my porn, it's sort of like collecting baseball cards, except I never masturbated to Jose Canseco. Not being a stream fan, I was impressed by the streaming videos here on Black Booty Cam. You have three quality options to choose from when you stream. At the high quality, these movies looked great. I won't say they are the best I've ever seen, but all things considered you have a quality movie here. Another issue with streams are that if the server gets bogged down, you are SOL- and you know what that means. Instead of having to patiently wait through a slow download, instead, no porn for you! And I normally wouldn't bring this up, but it happened to me here on BlackBootyCam, so I will bring it up (ha!)

The downloadable movies section also has its fair share of flaws. You can get the movies in either ASF or MPG format. ASF though? Each scene is OVER-SEGMENTED into many many segments. These have to be one minute segments, as some scenes have up to 30 segments. I am very vocal against segmentation, but at five minutes or three-five segments per series I can handle it. But this is just ridiculous. It makes me just want to watch the streams, which I did.

The quality of the movies is good. In case you didn't notice from earlier, we are talking about professionally made porn videos available for sale on VHS and DVD as the content on this site. Therefore, you can make many judgements right away. The first judgement is that the porn will have pro quality pictures and camera work. And these guys do a good job with this, its very top notch. Not a whole lot was lost in the encoding process, although you don't get that perfect VHS-DVD quality that you would if you actually bought the videos.

The pictures are also split up into two sections: action shots and hi-rez pictures. The action shots are just vidcaps from the movies on the site. I don't like vidcaps very much at all. The quality here what you'd expect from vidcaps: blurry and awkward. On top of that, they make the biggest mistake of vidcapping stuff from the video not important at all.. for example, there is one picture with the girls arm opening the door. Nobody is going to save that picture! They should review their vidcaps more. They redeem themselves in the hi-res pictures section, however. These pictures are not vidcaps, they are pictures shot on location at the scene. They are more of the posing style of pictures. These pictures mirror what a regular site would have as a pictures section, and its cool that they added it here. The thumbnailling and image quality are both average, not bad but nothing awesomely great either. They do make for a nice extra, but thats about it. A solid but unspectacular pictures section.

The series here contain primarily black on black sex. There are a few series with black guys on asian girls, and a few with black guys on white girls. But for the most part, expect black on black here. The sex here is typical of a porn video, there are a large number of threesome videos (with two guys and one girl.) There is also a good amount of anal on these videos too. They are really good videos and pictures, but you just have to like the ebony thing to fully appreciate them.

I always like to touch on updates and content. Well, Black Booty Cam is updated every day! On odd numbered days, the action gallery (vidcaps) is updated and on even numbered days, the streaming video section is updated. They are updated with one scene each. The hi res pictures haven't been updated in years, so if that part of the site was a big sell to you, it's going to be a little weak on content. Downloading movies, you get about 60 sets to download at the time of review. If you are streaming, you get 380 streams of scenes. So the content level is undoubtedly high! Just a huge amount of stuff to check out, especially if you don't mind streaming the videos.

There are no extra sites you gain a membership to with your membership at Black Booty Cam. There is a leased stream section you can check out if you want. But other than that, the extras are nonexistent. Still, all things considered, with the huge amount of movies you can access through the site, you are getting your moneys worth.


This is a great site for ebony fans out there. It'd be nice if the movies were all completely downloadable, and in full movie form instead of segmented. As it is, I still enjoyed the streaming feeds and they didn't kill me like I thought they would! Add in a decent pictures section, and you have a good site!


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Comment by: sinner82 Rating: 09-02-16

i want black woman and booty and all beautiful girlls and all the sexual accesses

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