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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days
$29.91/30 days
$59.91/90 days

Review of Stroke Jobs:

The hand. What a wonderful, wonderful instrument. You take it for granted, really. Imagine if you lost your hands. You wouldn't be able to write. You wouldn't be able to type. All these things, we think are simple, you wouldn't be able to do without the use of your hands. You also wouldn't be able to masturbate. And that would take Pornliving off of your favorites list, wouldn't it? The hand, it's a great instrument. It is also the subject of the website you are reading about today. is a reality site with the basic premise of "handjobs rule!" As a reality site, the theme has been done over a few sites. I still think it is a pretty fresh concept though, because even though theres a few out there, its not nearly as popular as say teen sites or interracial sites. I love handjob sites. Theres something about handjobs I just dig. Maybe it's just being able to admire a girls beauty while she does the work. Maybe its because I like hands. I can't really say why, but whenever I see a handjob site, I get psyched. Is worth that excitement? Theres only one way to find out, and that is to read on!

Lube it, stroke it, open wide! Thats the instructions to a good strokejob as given in the banner to the site. Perhaps the webmasters could give some instructions on how to make a decent porn site as well, because they succeeded in that! On the front page, you get an index to pretty much all of the content. All of the sets are on that page, with two thumbnails each and a one line generic description. I want to make one of those for myself one day. Maybe in another review! It has links to the movies and the pictures. It also has some cool technical information like the total movie running time, and the date the set was added to the website. The website is designed good, I'd call it very clean. I have two complaints. Number one would be ads. The ads on the site are not intrusive at all, but the fact that they are there is a complaint. I don't need to shoot huge loads like pornstars, I just need to download your videos, since thats what I paid for. The second complaint is that the bonus content is not seperated in a good manner. Like many sites, there is leased content and there are some bonus sites with original content. These are grouped together though, at first I thought there was no good bonus sites, and then I found some good ones. And as I am writing this review, I just found another cool bonus site. So be advised of this. Other than that, everything runs smoothly and looks good.

Strokejobs primarily focuses on video content. The file types you are getting here are either WMV or MPG. Some sets do not have MPGs available yet. The files are segmented, into three minute segments. Three minutes though? That is dangerously close to being too short for segments. No full movie content is available. When you go to the videos page, you get an excellent set of thumbnails which really gets across the content on the site very well. You won't be surprised when you view the movies you download from this site. Theres only one quality style available here. The quality is very good though. When you full screen the videos, you don't get perfect quality but its pretty close. There are absolutely no lighting issues here, and I found everything to be especially crisp and clear. I'm very satisfied with this, actually. I'd say the quality of everything here is great. One big fallback of the movies is that they are not uniquely named. So you end up having to rename every little segment, or having tons of "1.wmv"'s on your computer. Either way, it's a hassle and it takes the enjoyment down a notch.

The action on the videos is top-notch as well. The camera angle used for the most part is the first person view. You get nice and close to the girl and can really enjoy it. Great stuff as far as this is concerned. The action in the video isn't as varied as I would hope- but that is also part of the theme. There is a lot of time spent with the handjob, and hardly any spent with the mouth or the other parts. They are in there a little bit, but you really have to like handjobs to like this site. The girl usually starts off with her clothes on and they do a bit of intro like this, but it gets to the action pretty fast. What you get here is basically handjobs shot in the first person view, done extremely well!

Each girl also has a pictures gallery to go along with the videos. The pictures are actually vidcaps. They are done relatively well, for vidcaps. You can definately tell they are caps, but at the same time they aren't throwaway quality like many other sites out there. The thumbnails appear in a system that screams "late 90s porn navigation" but at the same time, theres no problems with that whatsover as it runs very smoothly. You'll just feel like you jumped in a time machine or something. The thumbnails themselves are very good, and the large size images are clean and crisp for the most part as well. The pictures are also not uniquely named, so theres more renaming hassle. They also did the typical "vidcap too much" and I feel that the galleries could have been cut in half easily with some throwaway and just plain bad pictures taken out. Still, despite all this, the pictures section is good compared to other vidcapped pic sections, and decent to below average overall.

I found the Strokejobs girls to be hot, hot, hot. They can give me a strokejob anytime! There were three girls on site that I found to be just incredible. There were a few I though were kinda dogs too, it was a weird mixture of absolutely smokin and the bow wows. You can check up on this and see if you agree before you sign up. These are mainly younger white girls. Most of them are very clean and tidy, just all around great girls that I can do nothing but praise in choice for the most part. Good selection of girls.

At the time of the review, there were eight series available from Strokejobs. It's a newer site though, and with a rigorous weekly update schedule, there will be more content in no time. But in the mean time, you get a great bonus package. Theres a bunch of leased feeds (including one which is showing man ass as a thumbnail, boo) and also a few bonus sites. I believe, and keep in mind the shoddy bonus site reporting I mentioned before, that they are My Little Nympho, Angels of Porn, Tonys Casting Couch and Sexy Euro Amateurs. These are the ones you need your strokejobs password to get into. I am getting into Angels of Porn right now, and it is overloaded with content. It is also already reviewed on Pornliving! So even with the light content on the main site right now, you are still getting a good deal with the excellent bonus package and weekly updates to Strokejobs.


Strokejobs is a solid site. Its strengths (awesome bonuses, great quality, hot girls) outweigh its weaknesses by a lot. It's definately worth checking out, especially if your a fan of first person video and of handjobs. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go give myself a strokejob!


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