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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
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Review of Sweet Amy Lee:

Summer is coming. And with summer comes the new car wash season. Last year, my friend and I went to one of those volunteer car washes. Who was washing our car you ask? Well, it was about fifteen hot ass cheerleaders! They asked us if we wanted to stay in the car while they did it. Hell yeah we wanted to stay in the car! Titties were all over the place. Titties on the windows. Titties on the sunroof. Titties on the hood. You get the point. Basically, it was a truckload of titties. Wet, hot cheerleaders washing your car. What could be better. Well, in a video on, I found something that challenged it: wet naked porn stars washing a car!

Sweet Amylee is a website based around Sweet Amylee, a younger looking skinny brunette girl. As you could probably tell, it's a single model site. But it's not really an amateur site, it's more like a single model site done very professionally. With that, you lose a little but also gain a lot. You lose the personal touch, but you gain an awesome grouping of sites that will have you happy for a very long time. You also gain a professional site design.

Sweet Amylee is a very busy looking site. On almost every page, there are links all over the place. Somehow, the site remains sleek and easy to use throughout. There truly is a lot of content on Sweet Amylee, which is why there are so many links. Also on some pages they use the "lots of links" model to show how often the websites on the network are updated, which is very often. It's easy to get from section to section, the only issue I really had was that there wasn't a lot of content on the front page, you had to do a lot of navigating within the site to get to what you want. Not really a big deal though. Also, on the updates I talked about, the links only took you to the members site of each respective site.. would have been nice if they lead to the actual new update. Still, the site design is very very good. Very professional and sleek.

The focus on Sweet Amylee is with the videos. The videos come in either the WMV or the MPG format. Good for people with older computers to have the MPG option on there. There are all kinds of quality options, three qualities in both the high speed and low speed sections. The videos are segmented with no option of a full movie. At the highest quality, these videos look awesome. The ones I downloaded had a black box around the movies (think of when you get a widescreen DVD, but all the way around.) That kind of annoyed me, but if it made the quality clear, then so be it. These videos looked great, you can full screen the high quality ones and get very little pixelation. They also run smoothly. Technically, you really couldn't ask for better videos aside from the segmentation.

The action on the videos of Sweet Amylee is just as hot. You have to enjoy Sweet Amylee to really enjoy the site, naturally. If you do, the videos are awesome. The girl didn't really do it for me, honestly, but I can still appreciate the aesthetics of the sex. The videos are basically a mixture of solo, lesbian, and boy girl sets. The mixture is nice, but there isn't a whole lot of solo stuff. In the boy girl sets, Amylee uses some guys who are fans of her website, with some special guests too (Peter North, Bruno B) As far as the lesbian sets go, they also include some special guests, most notable to me were Shelby Belle and Christine Young, who both have sites on this network and are both very very very appealing! They are two of the hottest girls, in my opinion. The action in these videos is very hot, with not much time being spent on setting up the sex. It's all pretty straight up sex. The car wash scene was probably my favorite, because that was just very very hot and sexy. The boy girl scenes are really good too, with lots of variation in the sex and Amylee really gets into it.

Sweet Amylee also has a pictures section. Each video set has pictures that come with it. These pictures are vidcaps, done relatively well but they are still a little blurry and the shots are still very awkward. Luckily, Sweet Amylee redeems herself by having a good selection of well taken photos in the actual pictures section. These pictures tend to be more of the solo pose variety, with Amylee looking very beautiful and model-like. Still, they are still hardcore and all, just with a little beauty to them! The thumbnails are very good; big enough to tell the action going on but they don't really bog down your system at 16 per page. The big size pictures are clear and crisp, with the obvious exception of the vidcaps. Theres enough pictures to keep you happy as well, so all is pretty good in pictureland here at Sweet Amylee.

Sweet Amylee also offers a nice little portion of extras. She has a diary on her site, as well as scheduled live shows. Theres a bio with some generic Q&A and it also shows some of the porn movies shes been in. You can also email Amylee, she claims to check it daily. You don't get an extended package of extras as you do with some single model sites, but for a professional one with a porn star I'd say it's pretty damn generous.

The entire network that Sweet Amylee is on is updated daily, and they seem to rotate the sites they update, so expect about weekly updates from Amylee. It's actually a really good deal when you look at it. Right now, theres about six pages of video content and five of picture content. So it's already pretty damn bulky, and the bang for your buck factor is very high. You also get free memberships to the following sites: Peter North, Silverstone Video, Christine Young, Hardcore Fiesta, Shelby Belle and Boys Casting (gay.) It's a great package of sites with tons of content.


Sweet Amylee is a very good site, heavy on content and high on quality. The only thing you need to ask yourself is if you like Amylee, as it is a single model site and she's in every set.


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