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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$89.50/365 days

Review of Hardcore Fiesta:

Hardcore Fiesta. A hardcore party. How awesome could that be? Imagine, hot girls all over the place, ready to service you whenever you want. But hey, sometimes you just want to watch too? Watch some threesomes, watch a little lesbian action, and maybe even catch some one on one action. Sounds pretty good right? Well you can do that at the website Hardcore Fiesta, watch people have sex!

Now thats not different than any regular porno site, right? Well, I didn't have a good or witty introduction so I had to BS my way through it! Hardcore Fiesta is a video driven porn site with a nice little variety of different stuff, much like the party I created. Although some of these girls wouldn't be at my party, I could replace them with certain people!

The Hardcore Fiesta site is designed pretty well. There are a few quirks and one major problem, but all in all we have a solid site design here. Upon entering the site, you get six sets of content together there on the page. For each set, you get some technical details like length of videos, number of pictures, age, and name. You also get ten thumbnails of various sizes showing the content of the videos. These thumbnails are really awesome, clear and they really get across what you get in the videos. However, I think they are the things that lead to the first little quirk: the pages load a little slow. Hardcore Fiesta lends itself to lots of page changing, so this can be tiresome after a while. Still, it makes for a great looking design.

The one big problem I had with site design is after the first page, there are links to go to follow-up pages of content. These links did not work for me, so all I could get were the six sets on the first page. They claim to have six pages of content, but I simply could not get to them. I kept getting 404 errors no matter what I tried. It seemed like a great site design otherwise, I'm not sure if this is a major oversight of the webmaster or if it's just something on my side, but it sucks! I cannot picture the webmasters making a problem of this caliber, especially since the site is designed so impeccibly otherwise.

There are both pictures and videos offered here, but the videos are the obvious focal point. You can download many different speeds of videos here, high speed or low speed, and theres different qualities within the speeds as well. You can get either MPG or WMVs! I just have to applaud the webmasters for encoding these videos so many times to make the browser happy: simply awesome job here. The videos are segmented in five minute chunks, with most of the sets being four or five segments. One of the problems I ran across was that the server wouldn't allow me to "horde" all the videos. I like to download a lot at a time, unfortunately here i could only get one or two at a time. That makes for a more time consuming experience, but all in all it's not too bad. The videos look great, of course depending on the speed and style you select, but at highest quality the videos are awesome, beautifully full screened and a lot of fun all around.

The videos are also very well done action-wise. I believe this is professionally produced porn (tongue twister?) and it definately shows. I didn't get the overdone feeling from the videos I got here. Just perfectly done, I guess you could say. The action is typical porn fare, nothing overly kinky or special here. But done really, really well. The camera angles and work are good as well, I've seen better, but things never really got too boring with me.

Hardcore Fiesta also has a pictures section. The pictures are vidcaps, from the same action as the videos. Unfortunately, the pictures do have that "vidcap blur" to them. But, they are thumbnailled very well, with the pages loading smooth and clean. There is also not a lot of repetition in the pictures, and everything is fairly clean and cool. It's a decent little section that just ends up being insignificant considering the fact that this is primarily a video collection website.

The girls and actions on the site are varied greatly. Just in the six videos I could see, there was a lesbian set, an asian set, and a set that might pass for a mature set. It's a pretty good mixture of styles and women here, as you would expect at a hardcore fiesta. As I mentioned before, there are no real fetishes or little nuances to the porn here, it's basically straight up porn. Not a bad thing, really. It's almost like going out and renting a porn video, but getting to pick the scenes you like and not having to watch one or two that you don't. I found the girls pleasing from what I saw, although I did skip over a few scenes because they didn't look like my kind of girl.

Hardcore Fiesta is updated weekly, and it's updated very religiously. You'll be a pleased member (and have a pleased member) for a very long time. Despite the flaws I came across letting me only get to six sets, I really feel that this is something that will be corrected very shortly, since the site is so damn good and pretty flawless otherwise. But in case it's not, you still get a good serving of bonus sites that are chock full of content so your bang for your buck bonus is very very high.

The bonus sites you get are Peter North, Amy Lee, Christine Young, Silverstone Video, Shelby Belle and Boys Casting (gay). These each have an awesome amount of content and comparable quality and design factors (sans the 404s). There is also a good amount of leased content to keep you busy and happy for a very long time. The package is an especially good buy if you are longing for some studio porn (and lately, who isnt?) because and silverstonevideo is filled with it. The clips on this site are a mixture of exclusive and non-exclusive material.


This is a good collection of porn videos with a few design flaws, but once those are fixed up we will have an absolutely awesome site! Even as it is now, I'd still highly recommend it due to the awesome bonus site collection and the good content on the main page!


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