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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: Yes Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$89.50/365 days

Review of Christine Young:

I have seen perfection, and her name is Christine Young. Ok, I might be exaggerating a little, but I really like this girl Christine Young. She's everything I like in a woman, she's young, beautiful yet very natural, has an awesome body and isn't afraid to use it, and she's got very nice hair (yes that matters to me!) Oh yeah, it doesn't hurt that she's naked on my computer screen as I type this! Thats a big plus! So her having her own website with all these naughty things makes me a very very happy man! is a website primarily focused on the model Christine Young. Christine is a very beautiful, nature blonde teen girl who just blew my mind. She kind of reminded me of a more innocent Elisha Cuthbert (Kim Bauer from 24, or the panty girl in Old School.) She has beautiful breasts, and absolutely flawless body with great legs, awesome feet and a great skin tone. Can you tell I liked her a little bit? Well, I liked the girl, thats for sure... but did I like the site?

The design of the site was very well done. Christine Young runs and looks extremely professional. You can navigate everything easily, and Christine has little comments about each set which gives you a little more info about them. The sets are actually thumbnailled as well, but the thumbnails are a little small and you don't get the full effect of the action. If you're like me, that doesn't matter, because I'd download anything with Christine on it! The pages load pretty smooth as well, there was a little lag but not too much. One cool thing, aside from a nice, easy to use toolbar on the top, was that part of the toolbar was the cancellation link. Right there for you to get to any time. Will you use it? If you're like me, probably not... But it's nice to see that they are not hiding it, for those of you who wish to terminate their membership. The site is mainly video based, but there are pictures as well.

The videos of Christine Young come in either WMV or MPG format. You have many options of speeds to download them in, from low quality to very high quality. This way, whether you are on dialup or high speed, you get happy with Christine Young! The videos are segmented, into five minute segments with most of the sets having a good five segments, if not more. Thats right, these video sets are very meaty, considering you get around a half hour of content per set. I downloaded the MPGs, just because I can view those on my computer and don't need to sneak to the family computer. The high quality ones looked great: quality nuts won't have anything to complain about with this site. I really don't think anyone would have anything to complain about. Great vids here.

The action of the videos is great as well. Every set has Christine in it. That right there makes these the best XXX ever! Ok, sorry, I'm getting too excited about Christine again. As a single model site, theres often the problem of things getting boring quickly. Not so here. Christine Young has the foresight to throw a lot of variety into the picture sets. In many of the girl-boy sets, Christine is joined by another hot female in the set. In those sets which are simply boy-girl, there are some cool twists thrown in like a footjob in one set. There is also some solo stuff, and some lesbian stuff as well. A very nice variety. The videos were also shot very well, really capturing the essence of Christine here. They switch the action around enough to keep it interesting throughout the whole video. Furthermore, there is not a lot of repetition from video to video. They just do a good job with it here, and it's worth downloading all the material.

The pictures section of Christine Young is split into two sections: professionally snapped pictures and personal pictures. The pictures on both sides are of a very high quality. The profesional photos are not by any means glamour shots, they are just pictures of Christine alone. The personal ones are of Christine with others, and they may or may not be the same as the video sets, I couldn't determine. Each video set also has a pictures link as well. So, theres lots of good pictures here for you picture fans. The pictures look very very good, and those that are vidcaps are capped very well. The picture sets are perfectly sized to me: not too many pictures, and not too few either. The thumbnails also worked very well with the site, giving you a perfect impression of what you were getting without being too big or bothersome. While this isn't a perfect picture section, it's a good picture section considering that the videos are so great. Very nice job here.

Christine Young also gives you some extras you might like. She has a bio page, a diary, and she also has regular live shows. If I ever make it to a live show I believe my heart will stop. She doesn't go all out like some single model sites do, but it should be kept in mind that she is not an amateur and I'd say that she has quite a bit of extra stuff considering she's been in movies and what not.

Speaking of her being in movies, even though she has been, 90% of the content of the site is exclusive to the site. There are 11 pages of movie sets, with each page having four sets each. My math isn't too great but I addeded that to be about 44 sets at the time of this review. Thats an awesome number and just another incentive to join. Want another? Check out the excellent network of sites you are subscribed to with your membership here.

The bonus sites are: Peter North, Amy Lee, Silverstone Video, Hardcore Fiesta, Shelby Belle and Boys Casting (gay). These each have an awesome amount of content and comparable quality and design factors. There is also a good amount of leased content to keep you busy as well. On top of that, but as a network you get DAILY updates, and don't worry, Christine updates weekly as well. Consider it a done deal.


You might not be as crazy for Christine Young as I am, but this is a great site whether the model is Christine Young or Jabba The Hut. I highly recommend it to teen fans, and everyone else should give it a look-see as well. Two thumbs up.


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