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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days
$94.00/365 days

Review of My Sex Tour:

Imagine having a job whose description is "traveling around the world and having sex with women in every country." Wouldn't that be pretty nice? Imagine all the amazing women you'd meet! You might meet a dog here and there too! Thats ok though, because with all these prime women you meet, a little woof-woof might be entertaining as well. Theres always been something about European women that has attracted us non-Europeans. Maybe it's because they seem innocent, and maybe it's because they are just flat-out beautiful. Either way, it's cool and it's what this site is all about. follows this idea, going around the world and leaving a trial of banged girls along the way. It features girls from all over the world, with a heavy European twang. My Sex Tour is a reality video site, one that its webmasters should be proud of!

When you first enter the site, you'll notice that there is a big mess of links and content all over the place. The front page of My Sex Tour serves as basically a portal to everything else on the site. Everything is a few clicks away, which is very convenient and not as bad as it sounds. The site, while it is designed fairly well despite it's messy look, is well worth going through and enjoying virtually all of the links! Since it's a video-driven site, the videos shall be talked about first.

My Sex Tour offers videos in WMV and Quicktime format. The videos are segmented into two minute segments. I'd say theres about 12 segments per set, so you are looking at 25+ minutes for each set. My Sex Tour also offers you the chance to download smaller segments (30 seconds each) if you so desire. Thats a nice deal for those of you on dialup, so you might want to check it out. The videos are pretty high quality, you can full screen them with a little pixelation but not too bad. They run smoothly with no problems in my experience. The site offers full video downloads, but I couldn't get them to work, and I don't think they will for you either. It's nice that they are at least thinking about rolling out a program like that, though.

The pictures on the site are basically an afterthought. Since it is more reality-ish, the pictures take a back seat, and on My Sex Tour, it shows. If you're a big picture fan, I can't say I could justify the price of a membership just for these pics. They are just vidcaps of the videos, and they are not even good quality ones (pixelation shows a lot.) While some of these scenes work real well on video, the picture is a completely different beast, and on this site, it fails to be charmed. So basically, a whole lot of eh in the picture department.

I must commend My Sex Tour. I found the collection of women to be awesome. On the videos, the action scenes are just great. Most importantly, to me at least, there is not a lot of "pickup" and theres a lot of sex. The girls clothes are usually off by the five minute mark, and thats great and refreshing compared to a lot of "reality" sites. And once the action starts going, it gets pretty steamy, with good to very good camera work, and above average content! On top of that, I found many of these girls to be very attractive and hot. As far as that goes, the previews page is pretty truthful as to the actual content, so you can go there and see if you like the girlies as much as I did. All the sets I downloaded (which was pretty much all of them) featured a male-male-female situation. The guys in the video actually kinda reminded me of the wrestling team La Resistance. I must say that I liked that these guys were more respectful of the women than I normally see on this type of site. I would like to congradulate them for that and I hope some other sites follow this lead.

The bonus material is mind-blowing. First of all, you get access to a "reality pack" by the same group, which includes Milf Seeker, Backseat Bangers, Teens For Cash, Gangbang Squad, Her First Big Cock, Porn Stud Search, Black Cock White Slut, and Bang Boat. Wow, thats a lot, right? RIGHT. And you get it all, so jump up and down!

Now, in a few years when you are done with all that content, you can also browse through the sites leased content. There are over fifty sites of bonus content, all the ones I checked out were good to great, and I'd highly recommend checking them out when done with all the great bonus reality content.

A few things: I noticed that the site has not been updated in a while, even though it boasts weekly updates. Also, there are about 30 series, which is awesome for a reality site. Can't go wrong with this.

It's one of my favorite reality sites, honestly, and I recommend it highly, if not for this site alone, but for the entire package you get with it. Just a whole lot of "wow" here.


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