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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days
$94.00/365 days

Review of MILF Seeker:

Theres a woman that I'd like to get with. Let me tell you a little about her. She's older, in her late forties, maybe early fifties. She's hot as hell, but not naturally hot, enhanced-hot. She's got one of the nicest racks I've ever seen, regardless of age. She has a certain
bitchiness to her, but I have a feeling that deep down below theres some love in those mystical blue eyes. Her ass is absolutely great. So she has tits, face, ass, and also a wonderful skin color. Whats the big catch, other than the slight age difference? It's my girls mom! MILF Seeker is a reality website for those of you who like moms. Lots
of guys fantasize about getting with somebodies mother, whether it be their girlfriend or one of their friends. The whole MILF phenomenon has become more widespread over the years, but it's always been in the back of a lot of guys minds. Finally coming to the forefront, let's see if MILF Seeker can stand up to the challenges of the mom porn market out there.

Notice I'm careful to say mom, and not mature in this case. Let me clarify my thoughts on this matter. I feel that the mature category is for those women who are over 40 in age. The mom, milf category includes these ages, but can go back as low as 30 years old. It's a line I like to tread carefully because of what certain people are fans of.

Age ain't nothing but a number baby! Milf Seeker bombards you with "stuff" when you enter the site. The feeling you get is either "Wow, this site is loaded with content" or "Wow, this looks like a giant ad." In this sites case, you do get loaded with content, so the bombardment is ok. Even with the bombardment of stuff, the site runs well, and is
very easy to navigate. It's set up as the main content being the series sets which you can view on a page. There is also bonus content of leased galleries of applicable pictures, and overall tons of other bonus material. All in all it's a lot of stuff for you duff, baby.

I guess it would be pertinent to talk about the videos, since it is a reality site. Videos are done in either WMV or Quicktime format, and they are segmented into two minute segments, giving you about a 4.5 MB segment. Each video runs around fifteen to twenty segments. One thing I love about this particular reality site, is in the old days, they used
to split the content up into three sections: Pickup, Oral, and Fucking. Personally, I don't care for watching the pickup too much, so I tend to skip those when I download them, and end up wasting precious disk space on some guy blathering into a camera for five minutes. I'm sure theres people out there who love it, so I'm not saying it should be dumped, but I like it a lot better this way. The newer updates are not seperated in this manner, but it is nice when you get to the older ones that are. The videos are very nicely done, not perfectly full screenable but you can do it without getting too pissy! They also run very smoothly for me, at least.

The actual content of the video is good as well. The pickup scenes are the pickup, like I said they're not my thing so I didn't watch many, but those I did seemed to set the stage well. The oral scenes were usually pretty hot, as well as the fucking scenes. Nice camera work done here, nothing to really complain about and if you liked the girls on the previews then you should love it. Theres a bigger emphasis on "double-teaming" on this site than others, just a thing to keep in mind. Theres also more closeups than I'd prefer, but I know a lot of guys are into that so I'm not holding it against them either!

Since this is a reality video site, the pictures sort of take second place. Milf Seeker is no different than most reality sites when it comes to pictures, they are mostly vidcaps and they are mostly just there. If you're a real fan of the girl, or a real fan of pictures, you
will enjoy the pictures, but they are not a great reason to join. To their credit, they are bigger and more clean than most vidcaps I've seen, and are well sized and well laid out, but it's just not the sites strong point, nor do I think it was supposed to be. The older series of pictures are also laid out in the "Pickup/Oral/Fucking" system I talked about before. And there is also a pretty big focus on closeups here as well.

On to the actual women, we do have some MILFs here. Not just MILFs, but MELFs (Mothers Everyone'd Love to Fuck!) Theres pretty much something here for everyone, because the girls are mature enough for the mature fans to be happy, but they are still hot enough for the normal porn fan looking for some Moms to be happy as well. The pure number of sets here is AMAZING. At the time of review, there were over 70 girls on the site (wow!) And I can say that not too many of them disappointed me in the looks/turn-on factor. You'll download like a madman (or madwoman.)

With all the updates, who needs extras, right? Well, you do. With this membership, you get a bonus "reality pack" with the following sites: Teens For Cash, Bang Boat, Her First Big Cock, Backseat Bangers, Gangbang Squad, My Sex Tour, Porn Stud Search, and of course Black Cocks White Sluts ! These are all reality sites, much like this one, with comparable quality and content, although some sites don't have as many sets, they all offer more than your typical reality site with weekly updates.

Speaking of updates, Milf Seeker does do them weekly, just another big plus to do. And with so many sets, you might not check out bonus leased material, but in case you get bored, you can, and theres over 60 leased sites as well, with good stuff as far as leased stuff can go.

The package is great. A definate must-buy for everyone who likes MILFs, and plan on sticking on this site for months to come.


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