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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.95
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Review of Bangbros Worldwide:

The Bang Bros. are so popular, they could probably run for political office and win. That might be an overstatement, but the guys behind the website are definately popular among the internet community. Their videos appear on P2P networks heavily, and if you go to any TGP, you will find some kind of Bang Bros. content. However, Bang Bus isn't their only site, and we'll see if they can keep the quality and commitment up throughout their other sites.

Bang Bros. Worldwide is the Bang Bros. site dealing with worldwide girls as a theme. These girls of the world mainly focus on stripping and masturbating in these videos. There is absolutely no cock involved, very little dildo play, pretty much just women and their fingers!! There are a few lesbian scenes, however. It's not the most original idea, and it's not nearly as daring as some of their other websites, but at the same time Worldwide holds its own.

Worldwide, as all members of the Bang Bros. online community of sites, is a reality video site. The theme is, as mentioned, girls from all over the world. Being a reality video site, the videos should be talked about first.

The videos come in two different formats; WMV and MPG. They are split up into minute segments, with each girl getting about 12 segments. There is also an option to watch the full movie in streamed form. If you've been to a Bang Bros. site you know the drill, nothing much changes. In case you haven't, the bangs have high quality videos, not perfectly full screenable but pretty damn close.

The videos are pretty straightforward. Unlike the more popular Bang Bros. site, they pretty much get the girls to go straight to work. No real extensive interviews, talking, stuff like that. The videos are primarily of a girl undressing and then masturbating and spreading. Nothing special or new here, but at the same time the content is very solid.The girls themselves are very good for this kind of site, pretty girls with nice bodies who are amateurish yet its done professionally. Furthermore, I've noticed that this site seemed to have a oil/lotion tendency!

While it is a very video-driven site, there are pictures to supplement the video sites as well. And, congratulations again as there are two different galleries listed: one of vidcaps and one of posing pictures. This is awesome, because it gives you some additional material if there is a girl you really like. And it also gives the girls a chance to have some great pictures taken where they can prepare for a pose, and not just have snapshots of the video. It's also good because you can see these girls doing more than whats happening in the videos. icon_smile.gif Just a great addition if you ask me.

There are many girls on the site, you definately will be busy for a while. There is plenty of girls to keep you happy, and even when you finish, you have a full plate of Bang Bros. sites to check out!! One thing I would like to mention is that for the first time in a Bros. site, I have seen repeat girls. Recently doing a review for, I came across a few of these girls twice. Not a big deal, as these girls are great and hot, but I did notice it.

If I remember correctly, I have always considered the Bang Bros. to need a little work with site design. Well, either way, this site is designed awesome!! The sidebars on the site are a major help, I was able to move from girl to girl with no irritation, and having to use the back button only once. This was a very good thing! The only one small thing I might mention is the pictures section could use a little work, as I found the thumbnails a little too small and there to be a few too many on one page. But it's such a minor complaint, I feel bad for even airing it with the awesome design they have here. Another minor complaint, has anyone told these guys about full length movies? I have no problems with segmentation, but I like having the option of full length and it makes downloading easier, as I can just set some up and go watch television, instead of constantly having to click on new links.

The bonuses you get here are mind-blowing. You get access to ten, count it, ten of the Bang Bros. other sites. This includes the mighty Farthammer, Tugjobs, Big Mouthfuls, Big Tits Round Asses, Moms Anal Adventures, Monsters of Cock, Bang Bus (!), Spring Break Spy Cam, Boob Squad and Real Butts. Wow. Expect similiar quality with all of these sites.

One more nice added extra is the rating system, which allows members to rate their favorite clips and pictures. A very effective system when it is used by a lot of members, it's used more on Worldwide than some of the other Bang Bros. sites, so it can be helpful if your in a hurry to download what others consider the best content.

With all the bonuses, this one is a no-brainer. This site, Bang Bros Worldwide, is extra special for fans of female masturbation videos. However, I found it a little lackluster compared to other Bang Bros. sites. It serves as awesome filler material, and I'd recommend it based on the bonuses alone. But I am rating it slightly lower than some of the other Bang Bros. sites just due to the fact that it's pretty cut and dried and not special, or varied. Still, as I said before, no brainer, buy a membership, not even a trial, and enjoy the ten sites!

5.95 3 Day Membership
23.95 Monthly Membership

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Reader comments:

Comment by: bmlyeryk Rating: 07-07-27

am i the ONLY ONE IN THIS WORLD who hates the Bang-Sonofabitches??? they insult womankind every bit of it until it burns and dies in shame and into a world of utterly stupid, totally naive tramps! no freedom left women will always be weak helpless worms of the dust! thats why i sometimes feel anguish being alive!! (also b/c nobody accepts or likes me!)

fuck those stupid motherfucker scrimp bangbros with no life all they do is fuck and NOTHING ELSE in life! plus they're major turn-offs especially from constantly offending the idiotic girls (whom i dont support either)

i'd for sure rip them up and make their moments Hell. curious enough? then go find out! sorriness will come to pass you by and make you cry forever, once you find out you can fuck anymore b/c you'll be penisless!!

HAHAHA losers!!

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