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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/3 days, rebills at $39.73
$39.73/30 days

Review of College Fuck Tour:

Here we go with yet another reality review, just because they are starting to become the most exploited niche on the net they don't necessarily have to be boring. Collegefucktour kinda bored me pretty quick though, and when push comes to shove I feel the pricing set way too high, actually this is the most expensive reality site I have encountered so far, $40 and that's just for this one site, granted it absolutely mega-super jam packed with leased material, but I would be willing to give up more than half of the leased sites for a much lower pricing here.

The first thing that really disappointed me (after having checked the monthly pricing) was the fact that there were only 13 movies available. Yeah I know that it's exclusive material and pricey to produce but $40. Of course if you are just out for the reality movies available exclusively to this site a 3 day trial for $5 should be more than enough for anyone here. Unless you are not really a savvy porn surfer then you might even be content to just cruise the leased sites content, which is simply enormous, didn't I say that already? Anyways, there's a lot of leased material too much to mention and they are incorporated with a rating system that allows the members to give the leased site a rating and then of course there is a top list where you can get an overview of the most popular leased sites.

The story setups are not innovative in any way, it's all about guys (hold your breath) picking up girls in a van. The positive points about the movies would be that the setups are well executed and that the girls are cute and fresh looking, mostly. The downsides are the quality of the videos, the resolution is ok I think but it's low framerate which makes them really testing to watch in full screen. Also, once again, we are not in video segment hell, one movie can consist of as many as 19 segments, (5MB, 2 minutes a piece), but at least we can download the movies.

I don't have a whole lot more to say about this site, I wish I could have downloaded the movies as one big file, or in this case even 3 would be great. The site is huge because of the leased sites but when you strip for all that stuff you are only left with 13 movies. Usually I don't like to bring up leased material at all but I can't overlook all this porn. If you are not too bothered that all the videos on the sites are feeds then you actually get some good stuff here. All of the lesbo101 and brunob vids known from the gamma sites are actually available here as feeds and a shitload more it gives the word Megasite a whole new meaning really.

You know if this site was just $10 cheaper I would probably stick around for a month myself just to have a huge resource for some quality porn feeds but it is $40 and afterall we should look at it as a reality site. If it's just a reality site you are looking for a month membership isn't for you, the updates to the exclusive area seem anything but regular and the price is high for 12 movies, plus the navigation can be a bit slow on the pages where javascripting is used. However if you are not scared of leased content and just like to watch porn movies online without downloading you actually get a fair share of that for your money to say the least, so from my original 2½ star rating this one just pulls off a 3 star rating, oh how I wish they would just lower that price.
To sum it up; HUGE amount of leased material, 13 exclusive reality movies, in lots of segments and medium quality.


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