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Review of Euro Nudes: is run by the same people who do and the common denominator, if I was to come up with one would have to be "natural girls".

There is no doubt where in the world we are once we have typed in the URL address here, we're in Europe and mainly Eastern European girls. Within a short period of time I have reviewed 4 sites focusing mainly on Eastern European girls and therefore I am of course forced to compare them. Sites that really got my jaws to slam the hell out of my chest regarding quality were clubsandy, pixandvideo and the latest mplstudios. Of course these sites can't just be compared as they are more glamour type sites whereas is an amateur site focusing on natural and a lot of fresh, young and never-before-shot girls. Actually Euronudes has supplied a lot of picture for sites like karupspc and atkingdom that also feature natural and young girls.

The site is all about pictures, which disappointed me a little I must admit, but then again pictures is what they have chosen to put all their energy into and they do it pretty well. Though I was unlucky to start off choosing some photo sets first that were a bit marked either by age or bad quality (in comparison), I quickly discovered that by far the most pictures were of really good quality in high resolution and good sharpness. Given that pictures is all that they focus on I did expect the high level of quality that you would see on other sites focusing hard on pictures like 1by-day, clubsandy, alsscan, inthecrack and more in this category, but it didn't quite match this level.

Do not go jumping to conclusions now, the quality is great and the pictures are delightful to go over. Over time this site has accumulated a lot of nice amateur girls and an overall impressive archive of exclusive pictures and I think it's refreshing to be re-acquainted with sites that care about shooting the girls natural without all the extra hubbub. A friend of mine said the other day that he would never trust a picture again after he saw an example like this which shows how pictures can be manipulated. I can certainly understand if some people get fed up with this and just want the girls straight up as they are and this is what Euronudes provides.
The picture archives are split up into 5 categories: first timers, newcomers, amateurs, semi-pros and girl-girl. These should pretty much describe themselves and as you can see they go a long way to get new girls that you have never seen before.

There is a Casting section here as well, this section includes a voting page where you get pictures shown of 10 girls from their casting sessions and the members of the site then get to vote which one becomes the next model. Also it contains complete photo sessions of the girls from when they arrive in their clothes to them filling out form about why they want to do nude modeling to, of course, the nude pictures. Every time a girl is casted it is also video taped and archived, just not on-line. There is at any given time only a few casting session available on video (2-4) and if you wish to get your hands on earlier castings you have to buy them on tape/DVD at $30 per copy, a nice upsell but it leaves feeling a bit suckered doesn't it?

Euronudes is a welcome addition to the "picture-side" of porn on the web as it doesn't follow the crowd and offers something that I'm sure a lot of surfers a thirsting for. The site is updated very frequently, in average I think around 5 new shoots are added each week and a new casting video approximately once per week. This is a great site if you dig looking at natural amateur girl-pictures and I can easily recommend it. The cons for me were the few virtually non-existing videos and going through the older pictures is like a bucket of cold water when you happen to run on some of them and the ads for their videos and sister sites. Be sure to go check out the preview area for what to expect here.


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