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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: DivX, Flash, MOV, MP4, Other, Windows

Prices: $34.95/30 days
$64.95/90 days
$99.95/180 days

Review of MPL Studios:

It's another east European model site following the same recipe for success that made Denys Defrancesco's sites a raging success story along with other ripples like pixanvideo and clubsandy which I recently reviewed. If these East European sites poppin up, is gonna be a new trend then color me trendy.

The formula is clear and the people who run this site do no seem like they are gonna stray from it any time soon, it's all about high quality and pretty girls they're not just gonna shoot any old chick who walks into the studio. The girls are fixed up, photographed and video taped in great quality, especially the pictures are delightfully sharp and extremely sexy perhaps not exactly glamour pics., but not far off.

The main difference between this site and, for example,, is that this site does not feature hardcore sex, they seem to be going more for the softer and teasing angles. You will find maturbation and sex toy pictures but mainly it's just softcore posings ala glamour style and boy do they have some beautiful models to set up for a shoot. The site is probably just starting out now as they don't have too many "studio girls" (regulars) actually they only have six for now and it's indicated that they will be working with 10 on a regular basis once they have cast the last 4.

The content isn't overwhelming in any way, even some of the studio girls only have 1 or 2 sets available for now. To fill this content gap for now they have some "guest model" shoots put up for us and these sets are mainly just as enjoyable as the featured girls and gives us a lot more pictures to go through, right now I counted 31 guest models none of these appeared to have video clips available though.

Since there are only video available for the studio girls they don't have a whole lot of movies online, for now there are 13 videos all good quality and all cut up into segments, usually of 4-5 minutes duration for a clip and a complete movie is usually around 20-30 minutes. The quality of the videos doesn't raise the bar for quality quite as well as the pictures do but they are certainly enjoyable, and even though the girls are not English speaking by nature they do it pretty well in my opinion and I liked the fact that the girls were "interviewed" quite a lot so as to get to know the models better.
The videos are downloaded in DivX format.

I loved going through the pictures and what I liked even more was the fact that I could download the sets in .zip files, however each set is spread out over several .zip files I think it could be nice if they just went all out and made one big file available as well I mean who know what pictures are in .zip number 3 out of 6 anyways? Another nice quality is that all the sets are served with a nice graphic description of the shoot or some background info, always a pretty good read and luckily it's written by English folks. We also come across behind-the-scenes material and there is even a section for some obscure pictures that didn't really make it into the main portfolio for one reason or the other, these were quite funny at times actually as well as the few pictures there are in the scrapbook.

This is gonna be a very great site in time but it's gonna take a little while longer as the updates seem to be done every 3-4 days right, actually they promise to update twice a week and this is far from aggressive as the before mentioned sites but the price is also spot on. $20 for a month to this site is very fitting but as the archive is right now I don't see any reason to stick around longer than that. Will look forward to visiting this site again in the future when there is a bit more content, for now I will say that this is good softcore, erotic craftsmanship and I certainly enjoyed reviewing this one.


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