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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $39.95
$24.95/30 days

Review of All Sites Access:

And so it finally happened! By now the allsitesaccess package should be known all over the world as a great buy for high quality videos, mainly in the reality genre. Ever since they started their first sites they have been expanding and expanding their site portfolio and every time a new site would start up it would be filled with nothing but new and fresh exclusive content. After a site has been around for a while, usually 6-9 months, the site becomes part of their package deal but their high profile sites like inthevip, welivetogether and megacockcravers are not part of this, however if you sign up to either one of them you also get 5-6 other sites from the Cumfiesta package (this is not an official name of this deal, I just named it that). Now competition is sharpening in the reality industry and others like Triplex and BangBros for example are offering some pretty solid packages as well, these guys step up to the plate and blow all competition out of the water with

If it sounds like I am a tad excited about this offer it's quite simply because I am. $24.95 for access to 24 high quality, no bullshit and 100% exclusive reality sites is just as low priced as it gets around here. Each site can, hands down, stand on it's own as they all have bulging video archives and to throw them all together at this low price is frankly more than I had ever dared to ask for. I was pretty content to get 6 for one in the past and I have signed up a total of 3 times with approximately 6 months in between each time because by then the updates would amount to huge new collections for me to get here.

Lets go over each of them quickly one by one because each site deserves it's own mention, I'm just sorry I can't add samples from all 24 but I think I'll show a screen shot of each of the site's splash pages here in a day or two.
A lesbian reality site, and the latest, where we follow chicks who, brace yourself, live together ;) The have some fun with themselves and whatever girlfriends they may have from around campus. This site excels especially by the quality of the girls here, which makes sense as more girls are willing to do girl on girl instead of the more hardcore stuff.
Ever wondered what takes place in the VIP rooms at the clubs? Well as it turns out there's a lot more action going on there than I ever imagined. Of course it's a reality site which by definition isn't real so don't let my small intro fool you. Still it's pretty well set up and executed so you can watch how the juices get flowing when you're (we're) in the vip!
The first reality site filmed by a micro cam, this site aims to look as authentic as possible by being filmed by a virtually undetectable camera. While this helps the story it sure doesn't do wonder for video quality, of course it's supposed to be like that and it can't really be any different with such a camera I guess.
Here we see the results of Mike's ad in a local newspaper about an apartment for rent. Of course the rent is paid with sex or in some cases just simple masturbation. This one was one of my personal favorites for a while as I have always thought the cutest girls where on this site out of the lot.
The original MILF (Mothers I'd Like to Fuck) site on the net and it has been copied over and over in an endless line of sites but never done as well. The plot is pretty simple, it's moms being picked up and fucked, expect more mature women here, of course.
This is a reality site where the captain of a huge yacht, takes girls out for a small cruise and then screw their brains out or to be more precise, they all take it up the arse ;)
Another original idea here which was later copied, this is about how latinas are exploited for sex for them to get their US citizenship.
It's pretty much in the name of the site don't you think? Girls fuck guys that are a little more than just well equipped..daaaamn.
This is their tribute to big tits. All the girls here have a pretty nice rack but other than that there isn't much storyline.
One of the oldest of their sites (I am not sure which came first) this one has one of the biggest archives and it's hard to believe they still add new videos every week to such an already huge site.
Not really story driven it's more about the girls being as young as possible with some nice beavers.
To be totally honest I didn't look at this one�� you do your own guessing on this one ;)
This site zoom in on big juicy butts. The action is still hardcore and not always anal but the butts are always banging and there's a lot of it.
Big cocks would be the key words here, it's not as scary as megagockcravers but the girls do have a hard time getting their lips around em.
This is all about group sex hardcore action with the tiny Euro niche attached. Seems like you find the finest bodies in EU at the moment, what the hell do they put in the water?
All breakthrough babes that are looking to make a splash in the porn industry. These are the first hardcore porn films they do.
A spinoff site made possible due to the great success of the which you will also find here. This time the girls are just Brazilian.
A MILF/lesbian site where the build up is very nicely done. These are MILFs who happen to live next door to each other, and so why not get it on once in a while huh?
This isn't so easy to categorize, actually it's about getting girls to do weird stuff for money. It can be sucking a cock, getting screwed in the back alley of a crowded street or flash a random sales guy. The keyword is that chickcs get offered cash to do all kinds of weird stuff.
A big-butt and black girls site.
The VIP crew throws awesome parties featuring a bunch of hot babes that get all liquored up and this always ends up with one getting fucked on camera.

Yeah there are a lot to get through, but until you've been there you probably won't believe how many movies you can download here and if you do the math you will also find out that since EACH site is updated every week with a new movie you are getting 24 new video per week! I'm sorry to say but this is my number one recommendation now because I just don't see how any one else is going to match this offer. What negative would you say about this deal?

I might have misssed a few sites but I'll add them to the list as I move forward. Remember, signing up here gives you access to ALL these sites so just type them in and log in :)

From my experiences with mail and from feedback in the forum everybody have great experiences with these sites so here it is, my number 1 recommendation.

Bottom line:
Insane amount of bang for your buck, all exclusive, downloadable and high quality. The mix of reality-type and straight up gonzo comes perfectly together in this very cheap package that you will never want to get out of.


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