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Review of Xotic Teens:

If I was really really lazy right now I would just slap a sticker on this review saying; Go to the review and read. It would be so easy to do in this situation since these two sites are run by the "company" (listed at and with practically similar content. I must admit right now that I am not at all sure if these two sites share content, no let me rephrase that, I don't think these two sites share content at all as I was unable to find any duplicates on the two sites. I found this remarkable in itself considering the vast quantities of videos available on both sites.

A fair warning for those of you who have already read the review would be to skip this one as they will say basically the same thing. does not, despite it's name, revolve solely around the teen niche, it's a fact that their teen category has the biggest archive but all in all they get around most of the colours in the porn spectrum. The movie categories include: Pornstars, Teens, Blowjobs, Hardcore, Interracial, some previews and behind the scenes. Yeah yeah, you might be thinking just as I was, that the hardcore category pretty much cover all the others as well, and yeah you would be right here, every category could fit under the hardcore label. However I think it has been a very wise decision to split up the content so that we don't have to go through one giant archive because with this amount of content that might have been too hard to get an overview of.

I have to admit that I like this site a lot, even if the content here is not exclusively made for this particular site. The content is made up of released porn dvd's ripped to the computer and now also distributed through here, so we can hardly call it exclusive now can we? This "lack" of exclusiveness didn't really bother me at all here. I think it's important to distinguish between the failure we experienced when people started to scan material from published magazines and sell it to us online, and the distribution of the movies online, because the quality here is practically flawless.

All the movies are available in 4 different levels of quality and it ranges from 56k quality to dvd quality, needless to say I enjoyed the DVD quality clips the most ;) To my great surprise, none of the movies are split up into segments, you always download the entire movie and while some users on low speed connections might not think that this setup is ideal for them, let me just tell you right now that the site mainly addresses broadband users. I'm not saying that you can't enjoy the movies on a low speed connection, the low quality clips are there for just that, but overall this site looks it's best when enjoyed through a broadband connection. I was very much impressed with the quality and I simply can't put a finger on it, best full screen movie quality I have seen in a long time so kudos.

I would love to tell you how many movies you get access to but there are so many that it was impossible for me to even make a good guess, ah what the hell, around 250 sounds like a good guess. This number will be obsolete in a month though because a new movie is added every single day, no kidding every god damn day. This update frequency combined with the huge archive almost justifies the over-average monthly membership fee, personally my limit is $35 on a site, but with this site it's more like getting a month access to all the porn movies at the local video store. If you look at it like that $40 might not sound like such a huge amount anymore.

As long as you are aware that the content here isn't exclusively produced for this site, infact there is a shot that you might have seen the movies elsewhere, but as long as you know this then I really don't see how can let you down. For all you video hungry porn consumers out there this is the perfect place to get your daily porn fix, hell I'm even considering continuing my membership here for a while to collect some of the movies. I'd really love it if the price could be lowered a tad for a monthly membership so my review could be even more glowing of this site, for now this site will be where I go instead of my local video store.

Bottom line: A huge movie archive of high quality.

3 day trial: $5.95
1 month: $29.95

90 days: $59.95

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