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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
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Review of Ron Harris:

I've had my eye on Ron Harris' site for quite some time now, seems he's been around since the very beginning (beginning meaning when porn boomed on the net… was there anything before that?). I have checked out some previews of his models in the past and had the desire to join but something always got in the way, but now Ron has asked to review his site and this is going to be a nice day off from reality and amateur sites. Before I even started poking around I checked out Ron's "Goal" list or mission statement if you will, to get an idea of what he emphasizes and well to see if these goals have been reached.

Anyone remotely interested in this should also go over his mission statement here as I found that he is a man of his word and he comes through for his members. Here are a few points that caught my attention there:

3. To use girls that are better than a 7 on a scale of 10. Who have had no plastic surgery to enhance there breasts.

4. To use no retouching to make them look better or younger. Only lighting and makeup will be used to show the models at their best. Models who feel beautiful make for better photographs. The photographs must look real as if the model is right in front of you and is looking into your eyes. Diffusion and over processing in Photoshop will never be used.

- l intend to make Ron Harris Studio the porn site by which all others are judged!

Ron does a great job when it comes to picking out girls and photographing them and his mix of glamour and amateur photography is rather unique. It's not really glamour pictures he shoots because the girls haven't been retouched enough in the after production, and it's not amateur because the pictures are incredibly sharp/high resolution and the girls do have make up on, so Ron seems to have found his own style instead of imitating others.

I have more good stuff to say about Mr. Harris, however before a member gets to that he has to overcome a few obstacles and learn a thing about how the site is screwed together. When you have logged in you will have a pictured accompanied listing of a lot of mixed material that you now have access to as a member of, most of this is leased material so at first don't let your eyes wander, stick to the top as this leads to Ron's own material. I think it's a shame that you don't access "his site" by default and start browsing his pictures and videos right away. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with leased content as long as it's only icing on the cake, which it really is here but the distinction is not really made clear.

There is more of this navigation confusion as we move along, to get to all the good stuff we have to make another choice on the second page, here we click the top link again and we are there! Now as long as we stay at the models page we get the good stuff, but should we stumble into the archive which is pictures he did from 1996 to 2001 the quality drops drastically. So at the model listing page we have found the heart of Ron Harris' work and this pretty much makes up for the treasure map of porn we have to stick to ;)

Getting over the not-so-simply navigation, if we instead focus on the pictures and videos we get a warm feeling inside. The pictures are as mentioned before very high quality and they do the girl's justice each and every time. Right now there are 17 models to choose from in Ron's portfolio and I personally enjoyed each and everyone of them, they have all done several picture shoots but not all video. There are 21 videos for now and they can all be downloaded to your harddrive in .wmv format and since not all models have done videos it's easier to go to the videos section and go through that list systematically if you want it all. I enjoyed some great videos, some single masturbation and some lesbians and I was positively surprised that there was some interaction between the camera man and the girls, this made for very playful and erotic video (a video is usually around 25 minutes in length and available in two segments and two types of quality).
You can go check out video samples at here to get a feel for ‘em, you can browse all the models and see a lot of previews before deciding if this is for you or not.

The pictures had me filling up my hard drive too, but there was a small annoyance here. All the pictures are available in this online slideshow thing OR as .zip download. After a while I stopped going through the pictures on the page, loading that slideshow thing was just a big hassle every time really. When it starts working it's an alright feature but I think the pictures should also just be available through regular thumbnail browsing in a regular browser, the slideshow is full screen and that's always a bit annoying. So instead I downloaded the .zip files and with approx 100 pictures per set I quickly built up my own little Ron Harris picture library.

Overall I really enjoyed all of Ron's pictures and videos and stick to my guns when I say he has his very own and very erotic style of shooting both pictures and videos and I love the high quality. On the downsides I have to mention the general confusion that surrounds the site, for one you also get a lot of popups on the front page, just by hitting the enter button you get a few thrown at you, shame. Navigating the members area is also confusing and it's like Ron feels he has to give us a lot of leased stuff and make us painfully aware that it's there, I think the emphasis on this should be toned down, his own material can stand on it's own in my book. He does pretty good updating, 2 a week usually, 1 picture set and a video, pretty nice.

Bottom line: Great material with a lot of navigational annoyances.


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