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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
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Review of We Live Together:

The cumfiesta creators are at it again, seems like every 3 months or so they launch a new site to add to their already bulging package deal. I've been recycling one review for a while for all the sites in here but I thought it was a bout to have another look at them all and especially this new one which is the first of it's kind that I have seen in the reality genre. The idea was really kinda neat to me, follow these girls that live together on a campus it seems and follow them in their conversations with other girlfriends and see it evolve in to a great big girl on girl orgy… isn't that what goes on there really?

Of course by now we have already labeled the site and placed it in the lesbian niche category and yes that's what it is, but that's not the fun part about it really. The fun parts are the intros to the acts, yes granted it would probably not really interest any if these intros didn't lead to some kind of sexual escapade but other than that. A typical intro would be seeing 3 girls on the couch, 2 of the recurring girls and one of their girlfriends, they will just be sitting around talking girl talk like how big their breasts are, comparing them and of course also comparing underwear and sexual likes and dislikes. This is of course what all college girls talks about when they are alone so this is the revealing of how girls REALLY act when they are alone…. No? Don't burst my bubble please J

I was enjoying myself from the get go even if there were only 8 movies available on this new site. The first clip I saw the two girls were sippin on some wine in beer-type glasses and just hanging out relaxing after a hard day, enter a girlfriend just another girlfriend ;). Now they all 3 sit and talk about every day life, oh my, turns out one of the girls went shopping for new panties today so she shows them off. After this the conversation fell on breast sizes, turns out they all wanted them to be a bit bigger, so they touched each others and convinced one another that they were just fine. CHEERS! (and drink up!). From here they decides to check out the new bedroom and you can probably figure out the rest, luckily conversations usually hold up during the act itself.

Overall this is a pretty good new addition to the surplus of sites you get offered in your monthly membership with the cumfiesta package because as you may or may not know you get access to A LOT more reality sites when signing up, here is the list of sites from inside the members area that you can access once you are a member:

And these are actually "real" sites all with their own exclusive reality content, it's simply a deal that gives you all the bang you want for your buck. Of course needs a few months around before it's able to stand on it's own two but that's not really the main concept behind this operation as I see it. The idea is to offer people a variety of reality sites with different niches and so they can enter a new one fairly easy and still make a membership to the site attractive.

I am a huge fan of this package for many reasons, number one being the amount of videos I get here but other important stuff like the quality of the girl models and the ability to download the clips in many segments or only 4 is appealing to me. The also make everything available for the low bandwidth users and have picture sets to accompany all the videos, the pictures are screen caps though but pretty good quality (at least better than the ones I do).

Bottom line: Nice storyline and a welcomed new niche to the cumfiesta package.


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