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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $39.95)
Limited Trial: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $39.95

Review of Top Shelf Pussy:

Yeah yeah, I know some of you are gonna be on my back that I've taken a breather today (it's Friday), well you know I HAVE! This is a recycled review of because a membership to that site give you the same access as a membership to this site. If you read this review you will also notice that it's written with this in mind and therefore we can just as well recommend a sign up to this site as well as any of the others. This whole package is, in our opinion, the best reality site buy on the internet at $24.95 (which is at least $5 lower than you pay for 1 reality site other places) the bang-for-your-buck value just can't be beaten, so if you don't know about this package yet, read on and learn more. stands out from the others by focussing more on single models masturbating as well without sex, of course it has hardcore sex vids as well, but you will find more masturbating here than on the other sites.

My uncle always told me to be nice to the ugly girls, because they all have at least one pretty friend. has a whole pack of them.

I counted 151 amateur girls, a rotating cast of hump-honeys that joined a pretty big circus, 'cause with this membership you get access to the following sites:

CaptainStabbin, MILFhunter, MikesApartment, WivesinPantyhose, TopShelfPussy, NastyFetish, CumFiesta, and BigNaturals.

This is a well-discussed family package here at Pornliving, and it really just boils down to which tent flap you wanna buy your ticket at to gain entrance to this pornglomerate big-top, you know? And while it's a bit impossible to completely seperate and dissect AllAmateurMovies as a stand-alone, I will try to enumerate it's features for posterity's sake.

Updates are performed every Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, but much of it is the rotatating performer thing is in full-effect here because much of the content is like still-in-style hand-me-downs from all of the other slices of this giant poon-pie.

Aesthetically, things are pretty "bleh" here, a fairly clean-but-bland (but navigable) experience. Not nearly as nice-looking as some of it's "sisters", but the lack of family resemblance is made-up for by the lent-content and all-access status.... but that's about the only thing you can complain about here (besides a pop-up on the front page). The girls are logically displayed, and you have the option of streaming or saving. As is typical, you're not gonna get the same crisp viewing experience that comes with the old right-click and save, but the streams and the downloads are quickly received if you've got DSL/cable etc. even if you're grabbing the vids a handful at a time. This is the big time and these folks have their user suck-pipes well-oiled for your convenience and pleasure.

It has it's own "exclusive" content, but it's negligible because you really don't care if you think about it, 'cause for all intents and purposes it's all one big site, really. At least that's how I think about it. It's all in the family.

You get some live feeds like TitTalk Line, VoyeurDorm, and CamGirls, these are widely profligated places that many of you may have seen out there before, so I suppose if you have time and feel like it you could check them out, but with your membership you're gonna have your hand(s) pretty full.

If you wanna check out more facets of the package, a good place to start is this review of CumFiesta:

Let's face it, gets high with a little help from it's friends, and that's alright. Highly reccomended.

BOTTOM LINE: Very Hot In Borrowed Make-Up


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