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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: DivX, Windows

Prices: $24.95/30 days, rebills at $19.95

Review of Alexa Model:

Not long ago a new website came out and immediately made it's way into our top 10 list here at pornliving, the site was and at super speed they have established themselves as the ones setting the standard for cute girl sites. Well now they are at it again, this time they have singled out one of their models to create an entirely new website around her, and I think we can all agree by watching the samples that she is a solid foundation to build on… right ? ;)

Her name is Alexa and she is recognizable by her big brown eyes, her (in my opinion) perfect breasts and cute smile. I had noticed the webmaster announcing that he had built this new site around Alexa and I made a subtle hint to him that I might want to review her site, but I guess he didn't get it, so I actually had to mail him to "remind him", this is how much I actually wanted to review this site, luckily he let me in and I have found a new model to add to my "favorites" archive.

The idea of publishing the photo shoots as magazine issues has been carried over to this site as well. I don't know exactly what it is I love about this way of doing things, but I guess it gives the style class and shows dedication to each shoot, any ways I like it, ok!

I actually found myself enjoying the pictures as much as the video clips on this one, maybe it's because of her big eyes or maybe it's just her breasts, either way it's pretty darn hard to get tired of looking at her. The photo sets (issues) are also all available in .zip downloads and the quality of the pictures is good but what I liked best about the photos is that they are kept tasteful and never get tacky.

The videos have the same strong sides as the photos, they are shot very intimate and discovers Alexa's body bit by bit never just *BLAM* there it is. I especially liked a video clip where Alexa goes around in the city and they find occasions to get nice upskirt shots, some quick breast shots and finish off with a delightful ass shot (bye!). Alexa doesn't say much throughout the videos which is a shame because even a story about why she has some "sun spots" on her right becomes interesting as hell, just because it's her telling it. I for one would have loved to have heard some more stories from her, random talk or whatever, wouldn't matte much to me what she said I guess, just something ;) All the videos are downloaded in .wmv or DivX format (it's says the divx is directed towards mac users but I used it as well, had to update my codec though, and the codec was linked to from here). A video clip is between 1½ to 4 minutes long and since the quality is very good files can be up to 28-30mb in size.

The downsides to the site were pretty obvious before I even jumped inside. Because the site is very new, Alexa's archive is limited, there are around 45 volumes, each volume containing 25-30 pictures and one or two video clips. It's a pretty good start and no doubt content is being held back to continue the impressive update frequency which is a new volume 3 or sometimes 4 times a week.

All in all I think Alexa's site is gonna be a winner, it's not clouded with any leased content and other confusing material, the site stands on it's own two feet and though the archive isn't bulging yet Alexa does better than most single model sites out there.

Bottom line: Here she is, from Venus to Frankie (hope you get it).

Venus, make her fair

A lovely girl with sunlight in her hair.

And take the brightest stars up in the skies

And place them in her eyes for me.


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