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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, Windows

Prices: $34.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days

Review of Fuck Plex:

I just got back from the Fuckplex(.com), traffic was a mess, haha do you think that is how this domain was meant to be percieved as a this big places that just holds more porn than you could ever consume. I couldn't help but imagining how the tv-commercial would look for the site:

-Bill: Hi Bob, you know, I've been searching for big quantities of porn aaaaall day and no one seems to have just enough for my needs

(Bill looking very sad while starring at the ground).

-Bob: Well Bill, did you try the they always have more than enough for me.

(Bill looks up with a smile on his face, his face is lighter and he is less pale)

-Bill: Of course Bob! The that's where the porn is

(tacky tune playing and the final messages fades in from right to left) – Got porn?

Got a bit carried away again didn't I? Well I wanted to underline the fact that fuckplex is all about quantity and yes quality too but let's just say quantity again.

A lot of you would be surprised with this site I think, I know it doesn't look like much, actually the design seem to have survived the mid 90's during my visit her fuckplex ended up getting on my good side in many ways (for one thing there was a lot of porn!).

- What will I find in Fuckplex?

Well fuckplex offers you daily updates of fuck scenes downloaded in complete files, that means no cutting up, in DivX format or 3 level of quality in Wimdows Media format (can be streamed as well). The content here is not 100% original it seems it appears to be produced by a content provider, but I hadn't seen a lot of these clips, hell I don't think I have ever seen this many porno movies ;)

- How is the quality?

Well I don't know about the rest of you but I always take the biggest file sizes (8mbit is nice!) and is this case the best quality files are of course the DivX clips. I downloaded clips of 150mb but I was smiling all the time mind you ;) The divx clips were of great quality just begging to be watched full screen without quality loss. Even if you do not what the best quality this site has to offer, you should know that downloading a scene of the "worst" quality is still 20mb+ per file, so if you do not have a connection this probably isn't for you.

- Spill it blabbermouth how much bang do I get for my bucks?
You get an awful lot, if high quality, full screen movies is what gets your mojo flowing you are in for a treat. There are currently 11 "movie theaters" each theater section containing 20 movies of 15-20 minutes of duration, once again I'm too lazy to do the math but it's over 200 movies right ? ;)

- How often do they put up new movies?

A new movie is added every single day, has been for the past few months it seems and no sign of it slowing down. Updated every day….. it just makes you wonder when content will start dropping from the archives.

- Is it easy to find your way around this place?

The design is, well dark and boring, but simple and easy to navigate. All the clips neatly put in packages and all movies are described and previewed by 12 thumbnail screendumps of the clip. The should make it increasingly easy to not download the same clip twice, though I admit some times it's hard to tell the boobies apart. The clips all have a user rating function where you can rate the clip from 0 to 5 stars.

A few side notes about the site, I really liked this site, I was downloading movies left and right here and it's a lot cheaper than going to the video store. What the clips are lacking though are originality, after a while it's just like any porn movie, wam bam thank you mam, in other words no red thread.

This is a solid site betting big on quantity by the famous Red Light Videos. You might have seen these before, but this is definately one of the best places to check them out because of the extremely high quality they are available in and the MASSIVE amount they offer at a very small price now (just got lowered) at $19 for a month this is a great buy.

1 month: $29.95

Bottom line: Tons of video, a good deal.

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