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Review of Coed Pinups:

I know it, I'm late let's get to work, which site am I doing today? Oh shit, wasn't that the site I promised done like a month ago? Well I better make it up to him, hopefully the site kicks so much ass I can give him over 4 stars or something, that should make him not stay mad at me ;)

Oh boy…. This wasn't exactly the kind of site I had expected at all. I mean, I knew very well that the webmasters was just starting out and that that of course would suggest a rather lean archive of pictures to dive into, but I had no idea… It's been a long time since I have had to review anything like it to you I promise. The webmaster of the site sent along a pass and I at first I forgot about it, but today I logged in to the members area and frankly guys I'm just speechless. I am supposed to review 6 photosets…..6 models offering around 800 or more pictures all in all and well, this is it. I log in, see 6 thumbnails (6 models) and I get my pictures.

At $14.95 a month I think I was wanting just a taaaad more than this, but trust me, I didn't miss anything, there were no other links in the members area except to an FAQ section and this has more to do about making hard copies of the pictures than anything else.

Ok so we have to look at what the mission of the site is exactly, and this is actually a bit out of the ordinary, in fact let's let the webmaster here field this one for us:

"What sets this site apart? It's not your ordinary surfer site. This one is for the guy with the photo-quality printer who's frustrated by photos that look good on the screen, but just don't stand up to printing out at 8x10 or larger.

Every image on this site is 1600 pixels along the long dimension and has been only slightly compressed. This will allow you to print out images up to 16" long which look good enough to eat."

So basically what he is doing is proving pictures for you to make posters out of and put ‘em up somewhere. Ok so it's not my kind of page since I don't make hardcopys of my pictures to hang em around the flat (what would that wife and kid say?). We also have to look at it this way then, If this is all the site is good for (making pinups) wouldn't it be smarter to offer up all pictures in small sample sizes and maybe censored so that ppl could pay per set or even only the one picture that fancy's them.

The silver lining here is kinda hard to spot right now, on the tour page is says the page is updated regularly, I don't exactly know what that means but I would have loved to tell you how long this site had been up before offering a full 6 model shootings. These super high resolution pictures that are 1600*1600 or whatever is not anything new, the wrapping has changed, but there are sites where you can go and get plenty more of these kinds of pictures if you are looking to make posters of them, a site like has thousands of them and hundreds of models to choose from, and you only pay for what you want.

Another thing that struck me was that the tour showed off 16 models and it all looked good, but with italic writing below them it says that only 6 are featured here… A bit misleading don't you think? I mean "we have 16 models, but you only get to see 6 when you sign up". I realize this site is young and is struggling to make content and has to make money for it as well and has to update for the members so they stick around.

Also this site used Globill earlier to process cc signups for them, Globill has however gone belly up so had to move quickly to ccbill. This hasn't been done without a fair amount of difficulty it seems, if you click any of the thumbnails on the tour page you are taking to the globill signup page, which of course, doesn't accept new sign ups.

Bottom line: It's a mess, but very little of it

We would like to recommend instead for very high resolution pictures.

$14.95 per month

CC biller CCbill


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