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Review of Lyric 0611:

Times, they are a changing. A long time ago, the only means of pornography was the written word. Books, with dirty stories, got passed along. And then came the magazines. The quality of the magazines got better and better.. then came videos. And as the quality of videos got better and better, along came the internet. Which is where we are now. But sometimes its fond to go back to our past.. to go back to the days of the old magazines, where nothing was in motion, and where little was shown. One website that takes me back is Lyric0611! (what kind of name is that ?!!)

Now, Lyric0611 is not a retro site or anything like that. It takes me back because it reminds me of when I was a kid, scrapping up whatever porn I could find. And usually, what you could find was not hardcore stuff. But still, it was fun and it worked. You gotta respect that. Let's talk about Lyric0611 now. It's a softcore porn site featuring a black woman named Lyric. She is a very beautiful woman! Her site isn't too bad either.

Lyric0611 is laid out in a simple, interesting manner. The introduction to the site is actually a really well done flash piece. I liked it a lot, and it looked great. Very cool to see this on a porn site as its not done very often. I don't even like Flash all that much, but they did a good job with it. Unfortunately, this is where the good job really ends. The members page is nothing special at all. In fact, they kept some "join" and "preview" links right in the members section. That just shows me they didn't put a lot of work into it. When you enter the pictures section, you get text links for each set. So you dont know what to expect when you get to the thumbnails. The thumbnails are actually really good when you do get to them. They are kind of big but you know what you are getting when you click a picture.The big pictures are awesome too- great quality and size. The initial setup is a little weak but the picture quality is indeed great.

Now, I said Lyric0611 is a softcore site. This is a hard one to explain. There is nudity. You can see plenty of T&A! The problem is, you don't get to see hardly any pussy. There is no insertion, no spreading, nothing of that nature. R Rated porn here! Thats why I sort of made the only nudie mag reference. If you enjoy the beauty of a black woman, you can and will enjoy this site. But if you need your porn to be spread open assholes, wide pussies and mouths full of cum... look elsewhere. Far elsewhere. With that said though, the material is top notch for what it is. Lyric looks great on here, and she looks different in each set so it's really some cool refreshing stuff.

There are a total of 35 picture sets containing a total of 653 pictures. The sets are divided up into years, 2003 and 2004. Then on each year page are the text links to the thumbnails. The text links aren't even informative as to the picture content, it says stuff like "invigorating" and whatnot. Luckily you will tend to forget about that with the good picture quality. There is no set update schedule posted, but it does seem like they update the site semi-regularly judging on the number of 2004 pictures.

Lyric0611 is a pictures only site. No videos whatsoever. There is also very little extra content. Lyric has a yahoo group you can check out, but thats about it. Theres a shop to buy some weird artwork and some other stuff, nothing really cool at all and its just a way to milk the members for their money... Speaking of..

Pricing. I usually don't bring this up in reviews, but there is little else to talk about which hasn't been touched on. The pricing structure is a little weird, but while the site is value priced, I'm not sure how value priced it is. The trial is really expensive (thirteen dollars!) So it's hard for me to recommend a trial since its a few dollars shy of a full membership. Which I would only recommend to a select few anyway. I guess the best way to put it is, you can get this site for about the price of three of those old school porn magazines, and get a little more content and a little less variety than the magazines.

While there are no bonus sites, or extras included in the membership, I would like to finish by pointing out that the webmasters run several other sites with softcore black female content. These sites include Your Chyna Doll, Undercover Gyrl, I Taste Like Candy, and Arreyon. These sites do not have quite the content of Lyrics site, but are good additional sites if you find yourself liking this one!


Eh. If you like the concept, it's a good site. But even with that, I'm sure theres better. I think its safe to say that the majority of people reading this will not like the site, but for the few who do...


3 Day Trial- $12.95 recurring at $14.95
30 Days- $14.95 recurring at $13.95
3 Month- $39.95 non-recurring

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