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Review of Kinky Slavya:

For I got a very nice e-mail from Slavya herself explaining briefly what the intention of the site is and how it is to be percieved and thereby also suggesting who might be interested in this site. First off I was gonna let this e-mail do the intro but on the site I actually found a better description of the site so without further ado I give you Slavya and her husband Henry:


"Who we are
We are a united couple in love, sharing a genuine passion for eroticism, sex and photo, also for fetishisms. Very curious and open minded, we are constantly looking at exploring different forms of sexuality. Our sexuality is sometimes unusual or surprising, but always a reality.

We don't have a favourite or particular style.The content of our site will reflect our artistic erotic inspiration from softest to hardest. We wish no limits or censures to our creative minds. Perceptions already felt, others unexplored; they will always be presented to you with a refreshed look.

I love to be taken.. in photo as well...; ) I am always looking for new ways to show my little ass. I will not hide from you the games witch I submit my body to. More then a simple model, I am a slut before anything else. I love to tease.. and I am determined to live my fantasies.

I am also voyeur. I love and take real pleasure at watching another woman. By subscribing, you will get the privilege of discovering my first real experiences with a woman, maybe 2 or 3.

I also know that Henry has been fantasizing for a long time about watching me being taken by another man.. I am presently looking for 1 or 2 kinky partners. Visit the section " Search for kinky partners ."

About submission.. Masochist?.. NO! To me, it always remains a game. Sexually very docile in nature, I love humiliation and submission games in witch I give myself without reserve. Strip-tease, bondage, exhibitionism, constraints excite me, you will get the opportunity to follow my initiations, learning, obstacles, experiences, discoveries..

Nipples pierced. Pussy shaved daily in its entirety in order to keep it soft and smooth to the look and feel. Additionally, at the urgent request of Henry, my wardrobe no longer contains panties (Well! it should not…).

Slavya & Henry
XX "


My work here is not really that hard as it's a very uncomplicated site… now is that good or bad? Well it's good because it's a no-bullshit site, and the bad part of uncomplicated would be that you will find no video yet here but let's not dwell on that. As you might have guessed by now it's all about pictures, very erotic pictures I might add, this site is definitely for those who enjoy erotica and not cum-sizzling hardcore sex. Luckily I happen to like both and with the emphasis that is put on Slavya's ass this site speaks my kind of language.

For now we get 42 photo shoots of Slavya, mostly just her posing in very varied settings with a touch of fetish and a few girl/girl shoots. It's obvious that site is not aiming for quantity in anyway, this is a genuine amateur couple focusing on quality and tasteful erotic pictures. This all comes off very well and I really enjoyed Slavya and her cute ass (which I'm sure her husband appreciated too). Like I said the shoots are very varied, there are a lot of outdoor shoots, fetish shoots like upskirts, bound, pantyhose and more but you are guaranteed some good ass shots in every serie.

You can talk to Slavya online through which you get access to with your membership here. Slavya is live here 2 times a week on Mondays and Thursdays and I really wanna report back how the show is but she is not scheduled THIS upcoming Monday for some reason but I see she will be live on Thursday so you will just have to wait until then.

The design of the page smells quality just as much as the pictures they offer and as with other sites they have chosen to give you thumbnail previews of each picture set with the look of a magazine cover and it tell you how many pictures are in the set. In average I think the site is updated by two sets a week, some times 3. I would have loved a forum of some kind where we could ask her questions and make suggestions and just generally chat there just get closer to her as this is an amateur site. The live cam shows gets us closer of course but it would be nice with the possibility of some daily feedback from her, maybe this will be implemented when the site grows a little bigger. It is also worth noticing that the site is barely 6 month old at the moment but for now I think they are doing a good job with the site.

I have no major complaints about this one maybe just that would have liked some quality video clips, maybe some where Slavya would introduce herself in both French and English.
This site is presented in both French and English as Slavya is French.

Bottom Line: I like that butt and I cannot lie.


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