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Review of Czech Elite Models:

I feel obligated to begin this review with an admission: I've never really understood the Eastern European porn niche. In films, Slavic accents and the like are all well and good, adding a little exotic allure to the action, but, when looking at still photography, Hungarian or Yugoslavian descent doesn't really come through as relevant to me. Maybe it's a kind of "all-white-girls look-the-same" ignorance involved here, but if (CEM) was instead, say, titled, or , I wouldn't have batted an eyelash.

Looking for a little clarification about the origin of the models and the 48 single model photo galleries that constitute the bulk of the content at CEM, I find the following in one of the site's two short paragraphs of text:

Hi! You are about to enter exclusive site with high quality scans. Here You can find gorgeous nude fashion and adult models, centerfolds, girls, teens and amateurs from my country, Czech Republic and countries around, like Hungary, Germany and of course British and Russian models. . .

Whew, I was worried about the possible absence of British and Russian models. As they're (of course) represented, I suppose I can move on to the actual content of CEM at this point. I'm a little uncertain about whether the claim to having an "exclusive site" means that the content is original, but, as I've not seen anything featured here before, I'm assuming that 48 one-girl galleries are exclusive to CEM.

Potential subscribers need only take the preview tour to get a sense of what's on offer. While the Czech bit may be a bit of a red herring given that pale skinned beauties of all stripes are featured, the "elite models" part of the URL certainly rings true once you've had a look around. Many of the 48 models here are either teens or could easily pass for 18 or 19, and I'd have a hard time believing that any of them has yet hit 30. Youthful and, for the most part, unaltered surgically, CEM's talent is uniformly beautiful. Perhaps this is where the Czech bit comes in: to have this many beautiful fresh-faced nymphs willing to take their clothes off for a small, simply constructed porn site, the talent's gotta come from somewhere far from L.A.

The photos themselves are displayed in thumbnail blocks of 70 photos per page. Some of the galleries are as small as only 30 photos, while others range to as large as 200 shots. Photo spreads follow the usual progression: model poses in lingerie, model removes lingerie, model displays her more, um, delicate features. In the case of CEM, however, there may be a bit too much of first two steps and not enough of the third for some tastes. Many of the models are well trimmed and seemingly at home spread-eagled or down-on- all-fours in front of the camera, but a good number maintain more modest poses throughout. Dildos appear in a handful of spreads as well, but on the whole the talent presented here seems much more suited to the category, "glamour model" than "porn star."

For purists and pay-per-meg-downloaders: the photos are of a quite decent quality, varying in size from about 50 to 20kb per image. This is a very rudimentary site, however, and though it seemed quite well-served during my visits, there's no slide show feature or any other handy navigation aid. Unlike so many adult websites, no additional memberships to sister sites are offered with the price of admission. In fact, the sole "bonus" feature here seems to be sizable gallery of French photographer, Dahmane's striking work with his pornstar wife, Chloe des Lysses. Mostly in black and white, this is very graphic—Chloe seems calm and angelic even with two dildos in her ass--and very beautiful work: a rare combination in porn. The legal licensing of the featured photographs (from the books, Porn Art 1 & 2) is not mentioned at CEM, but the inclusion of this gallery is a major plus.

Price: $29.99 for One month, renewed automatically

$66.66 for 3 months, single billing

$99.99 for 6 months, single billing

Billed by 2000Charge


At $30/month, this isn't exactly a budget site. Though it has the appearance of something made in yahoo's geocities or comparable website-in-a-box applications, CEM's featured models speak for themselves. Much of the content leans more toward the glamour model/softcore end of the spectrum, but the natural beauty of the talent more than makes up for any amateurism. With no video whatsoever and a single gallery of Dahmane's photography as the only bonus feature, CEM may seem less than an outstanding value to most, but for connoisseurs of fresh faces and un-augmented figures, $30 is a modest monthly cost for such a collection.


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