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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
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Review of Nebraska Coeds:

This site is a real mess. Mostly a good kind of mess, like a hot chick's rumply-haired, boozy-breathed head coming up from behind the couch cushions the morning after. Of course, a "morning after" that takes place in Nebraska. With a co-ed.

I'm not going to lie here, this site employs the ever-famous "shit-stack" layout right on the frontpage that I can't stand, the webmaster lays A LOT OF CAP BOMBS all over the fucking place, but beastly design be damned, you can't help but feel you may have stumbled on a nice little porn stash here. And it is nice, damn it! Late 90's post-style and all, I'm shocking myself by saying I really don't care about it. You can tell a real dude makes and shoots (most of) this stuff, does some swap-out for extra member material, and is just plugging along here doing some fine work.

Over 500 saveable .mpegs, the exclusive stuff is nice, but I'll warn you, the video quality is definitely not primo... but here again, somehow it just kinda gives you that "I stumbled upon my older pervert brother's secret college video tape collection" kinda vibe. I dunno, I liked a lot of them. Quantity and quality hit a decent balance here, and all the flicks focus on girls from the Nebraska college scene (can't be that big) and also a bunch of spring break stuff when the webmaster went down to Mardi Gras and South Padre and several other places, getting some cuties to get dirty for him.

You also get that genuine feel, some of the videos aren't all hardcore, sometimes it's just bunch of cutie college girls (FROM NEBRASKA) getting their drunk on so that their brain can disengage its sometimes maniacal lock-out procedure that surrounds and protects the female vagina from penetration. To me, I like this kind of stuff, call me a completist, but things like this that other people yawn at and consider filler, I consider to be vital story building, even when the story is real. Background, baby, background.

There are some nice submissions from members, mostly the wife/girlfriend type of stuff. The site has content from other places, more than likely from other up-from-the-wheat-fields webmasters or wherever the fuck they are from, struggling to make their sites a strong presence on the web. You get over 20,000 photos, again with the young college girl theme (usually), with other occasional genres thrown in for good measure. The exclusive stuff here is plentiful and nice, I mean we're definitely not dealing with the most expensive camera equipment in the world, but that's...o.k. Sometimes you just have to judge things on a bit of a scale, I suppose.

The site hasn't been around for much more than a year, the updates have been a tiny smidge spotty here and there, but these guys almost always comes through with fairly solid postings. You have to consider for such a young site it has a pretty decent shitload of original content (over 35 gig). You can keep everything darn thing you can grab onto here, no streaming bullcrap, so at the very least I would say the one-month membership would not be a bad way to go just to scoop up everything you can find as fast as you can.

BOTTOM LINE: One Of Nebraska's Rare Higher-Than-Flat Spots


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