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Review of Hegre Archives:

If you don't feel like reading a porn review that comes off like an ass-kissing love letter, then feel free to skip the following passages. I honestly cannot say enough good things about my experience with, an absolutely transcendent example of everything a pay-for-access adult website should aspire to be.

Petter Hegre hails from Stavanger, Norway, and his flash-bulbed titilations comprise a body of work for which there are few equals. The 2001 "Erotic Oscar's" winner for best photographer is already well known for his wildly popular photo books of the young female form, and this site (launched in January 2002) makes an unbelievable and ever-growing electronic companion to his print arsenal.

Like several arty counterparts, HegreArchives gives each update a "cover", an almost always stunning and fervid souvenir in itself that doubles as a portal for whatever particular sets that exist as a part of that day's updates. These (over 20,000) photos are goose-pimple-sharp groups of dewy ingenues, and time and time again, they never seem to dissapoint (me). Me. I was never dissapointed, dammit! That almost never happens. I'm not enjoying the review part of this process, simply because I feel I'm failing you guys in some way by being as objective as possible...give me a couple more paragraphs and I'll come up with something to bitch about ;)

But it doesn't stop there. Petter globe-trots to find the choicest foreign girls out there, or sometimes travels to exotic locales to provide backdrops for his particular vision to really shine. By far, my favorite was his trip to Africa featuring two models (one of them is his wife Luba, a site contributor herself with the Girl-on-Girl series) cavorting about the wilds in a way that will make the tiger in your pants purr and pant in turn.

There is a massive and thriving section of member's amateur photos. It's a tough crowd, so be sure to submit only your best snaps, because after wading through the thousands of feedback comments in this area, the members can be brutally honest. If the submission is really something special sometimes Petter himself gets in on the critique.

Over 30 nice and long videos are to be had, the quantity of which is another rarity at a celebrity photographer site. The presentations are all in Quicktime (make sure to have the latest version), all well-lit and pleasurable. Most of the .movS are of actual photoshoots where you can watch the blonde, pony-tailed Mr. Hegre work his magic, accompanied by actual GOOD music in the background, unlike some of the cheesy soundtracks you hear at a lot of other places. My downloads were nice and quick, and these are movies that you won't mind snagging space in your harddrive for a long time.

So there's gotta be something bad, right? Hmmm. Daily updating...check. Gorgeous layout and design...check. No third-party crap or a bunch of ads...check. Everything else I spouted off about in the preceding paragraphs....check. O.K.! There is something...

One thing that turned me off a bit when I read it was a whole page that I call "The Pay-Off Page" that actually tries to bribe any members of the print or electronic media with free memberships in exchange for positive write-ups of Hegre-Archives, even to the point of providing them with the copy! Damn, I coulda made out good there. Well, at least they're being honest(?) about it, I suppose, but geez, guys! Depending in your readership (or hits), you would be offered multi-lengthed memberships here. Pretty disgusting, especially when the quality here really speaks for itself.

So that strange-but-minor complaint aside, there is no damn way you can lose, unless you simply must have hardcore pokin' to get you stoked. For viewing young nubile girls, however, in the most artistic way possible, it doesn't get any better than this. My only griefs would be the design which could do with an overhaul especially as the site keeps growing it gets harder and harder to navigate it.
A not is also that the last 3-4 times I have logged in I could hardly reach the site.

BOTTOM LINE: No Need To Toot Their Own Porn

One Month: $24.95 (recurring)

Three Months: $44.95 (recurring)

One Year: $99.94 (non-recurring)



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