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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days

Review of Big Butt Brazil:

In my extensive online research for this review, I gained a wonderful insight into the country of's background, geography, population, and type of government. The website calls this land "By far the largest and most populous country in South America".

Funny, but nowhere did I read a damn thing about the infamous "Big Butts of Brazil", and I was hoping to confirm their legendary existence, 'cause there is nary a big butt to be found on (which is the only misleading thing on the frontpage). If you can get past the misnomer, you're in for a real fat-ass treat here.

This site has only been around since May 16, 2002, but already has an impressive .MPEG shelf stuffed with 58 movies divided into approximately 519 clips. Some babies have more back than others (but never BIG), but all of 'em just love to fuck and suck. And I don;t know about you, but there is something about Latina girls in the throes of pre-orgasm spouting off a bunch of phrases that I don;t understand but upon translation I know would just be hot! hot! hot!

This isn't the place for pics (not counting leased material) unless you're interested in vidcaps/screenshots, which of course you already see in the clips themselves. At the very least I can say that, even though the pics are captures, the quality is decent and they give you a lot more than most places (just in case you need that "one moment in time" to put you over the top).

Apparently there is this big event that takes place in February every year called "Carnival" (CAR-nee-VOL), and in the Milanese dilaect Carnevale means "the time when the use of meat is taken away". Hehe. Of course, for us it would be the time for prime spank-wankin', Brazillian-style watching these spicy revelers humping through the streets...kinda like Mardi Gras on viagra and crack simulateneously, with gold body paint and spread pussies thrown in for wood measure.

"Bonus" material includes latina bikini models, Aria Giovanni, nude Brazillain women, monster voyeur archive brazillain Amateur, Traci Lords (yawn) vids and pics, Silvia Saint vids and pics, Carnival of Brazil videos (yay!), WebCam, and full access to So you've got something extra to do, it's fine that it's there, but it is nice to see a good cross-section of third-party stuff that (mostly) matches up with the great exclusive fare. With this membership you also gain access to

With fine (saveable) video clarity, awesome updating (every Tuesday and Friday), and only minor detractions for lack of model info and less-than clean layout, I'd say buying a ticket to BigButtBrazil country is worth your porn vacation dollars. Or Reals (ray-als). Or whatever those people use, I didn't learn that much, O.K.? I just want to go to car-nee-vol and fuck their women.

BOTTOM LINE: No Big Butts, But The Quality Is Huge

One Month: $29.95 (recurring)


Updated 21st of July - price change


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