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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $24.95/30 days

Review of Czech Wives:

There were many noble reasons why much of the world rejoiced at the 1989 collapse of the former Soviet Union. Capitalism started to flow into the formerly iron veins of many a country, and in the Czech Republic it wasn't much different...except that apparently much of their designated life-force headed straight for the crotch.

I don't know what the Czech phrase for "a shitload" is, but that's the American colloquialism I'll use for the amount of photo content. Past a certain point, there's really no need to wear your finger out punching your calculator, especially when you're enjoying thousands of exclusive, mostly hot-ass Czech chick pics. They're usually single model and girl-on-girl with an occasional penis thrown in for good pleasure, but it really depends what gallery you're in...hardcore, softcore, lesbian, etc.

The design is nice and clean, not a freakin ad to be seen except for one pop-up on the front page, but the site suffers just a bit thematically based on little-to-no info on the models. There's really no set-up before heading straight to the good stuff. I don't know if these girls are really "wives" or not, but it matters not. This electronic bloc is hot, it's definitely catered towards english-speaking whipsters even though it actually apologizes for some of the awkward language choices in the small stories section. I actually found it endearing because it reads like you can "hear" an accented kudos in my book for authenticity.

Free video trade is in full effect with no pesky-ass Selfish Tarrif on the crystal clear .mpegS that have obviously not been shot with bargain basement equipment like you have to endure at many other sites. I fired up the full-screen on Windows Media Player (had a bit of trouble at first, turns out I needed an update) and the hours upon hours of vids looked damn nice.

I usually don't even mention the sound, but it's exceptionally good here. Every water droplet splattering on a tiled shower floor while two gorgeous girls go at Sounds like you're really there, no kidding. Hooray for expensive boom mikes and audio-capture circuitry. And plastic! Hooray for man-made plastic, cause while these girls are all real, I'm assuming they had to wrap the equipment up in plastic. Maybe? Damn it I loved the sound, o.k.? Call me an audio dork, but it makes it nice when looking at import beaver that you can hear the liquid dripping off their bodies.

Work ethic abounds here as well with timely updates for both the pictorial and video sections. I always like when adult sites put updates in a corral of it's own before pushing it out to the content pasture, and they do that here and do it well. Very easy to understand, very simple in its execution and frankly that's what loyal members deserve so they don't have to waste there time searching around for all the new goodies.

There's a few leased feeds but I can't ever imagine having a real need to go there. If it was my site I would probably jettison the stuff since it really is not needed, but hey, fine if they want to provide it but like I said most people probably would barely have a use for it because of the excellent material already provided.

BOTTOM LINE: Get In The Czech-out Lane For These Elektricka Posta-Order Brides

5-Day Trial: $4.95

One Month: $19.00 (recurring)



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