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Review of Spunk Slave:

SpunkSlave is based on the premise that the site operator's ex-girlfriend owes him a lot of money and can't pay up. Supposedly this girl is under contractual servitude to get a facial creaming once a week by this man, and he even shows you the "contract" (with names whited out to protect the bullsh...I mean the innocent). He laughs about what a "dumb bitch" she is because it hasn't hit her that her debt never lowers, his weekly spooge attack only satisfying the vig.

This is just not well done at all. The hook of the site is not plausible, even if it were executed better than this. For the money you pay to join, it's just not worth it to watch this dude make his ex spray up.

Layout is very easy to navigate and clean, but nothing is dated, so you have no idea how long this place has existed or any other landmarks to honestly guage how often it goes between rocket launches. Not a good idea when trying to inspire membership loyalty to stick around MASA past the first month.

Video quality isn't primo, but defintely watchable. There are 17 videos, 4 of which I could not get into (bad links?), the vid lengths I could actually count approached about an hour usually divided into multiple clips, several are without sound because the webmaster claims the sound was bad several times so he just stripped it. You can save all the movies to your hardrive, but I doubt you'd want to. It'd be even more watchable if the camera work weren't relegated so often to just the girl's hand flogging the flute, I mean sometimes there are large stretches when he doesn't even show her face. Fascinating stuff.

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Please don't bother.

BOTTOM LINE: All Interest Collected Except Ours

One Month- $19.95 (recurring)



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