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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: $10.99/30 days, rebills at $9.99
$27.99/90 days
$99.99/365 days

Review of Red:

There seems to be a real stigma in society-at-large when it comes to the whole bondage genre. Just tonight, as of 1/29/03, a story broke on the internet involving one of America's many reality shows, this one being "Joe Millionaire", where female contestants are duped into vying to be the bride of this supposedly rich guy, when in reality, he's a broke construction worker from California.

Rather than going after these types of shows for routinely lying to people, the press is going pirahna on the fact that the final female contestant has apparently starred in some "tie-me-up" films.

This is exactly the thing that "Red" of Red's Realm of Romantic Restraint is trying to fight against. Stigmas and perceptions against the ball-and-gag set (and the use of marijuana, and the struggle to prevent and/or detect Orwellian interference by governments, etc.). Red would probably tell you that bondage is based on trust and love, which is the antithesis of its portrayal in the mainstream media.

A real "underground newspaper" type of vibe permeates the whole site, so I don't think I'm going to detract any points for layout, etc. It ain't pretty by any stretch, and it's a bit on the labyrinthine side, but maybe folks that dig this brand of porn would prefer it that way. You can find everything you want after a certain point, and the only Minotaur that's going to chase you is Time. It takes a while to navigate the twists and turns, but if it's in this world, you're going to find it. This is a community more than straight "product", and it's set up that way.

Advertising is a little on the heavy side, but again, I look at it more as a commune give-give type of thing for the most part. Hell, Red will even buy your old bondage mags from you to put out for others that may want 'em. This whole enclave tries to support each other, so I suppose I won't frown on it too much.

One of the coolest features at reds-realm is all the content contributed by "Shevette", the self-styled resident "subbie" of the joint. Her writing is a pleasure, and it doesn't take you long to realize that she is a vital organ, mostly by acting as a tour guide to this lifestlye while entertaining the membership for Red. Maybe the Minister of Propoganda to Red's Der Fuerher. Wow, Red spelled backwards is "der". I swear "i" didn't do that on purpose ;)

The picture and video calibre is subjective, and there's a good reason for that- a lot of the galleries and clips are vintage, so if it's on the rough side sometimes you have to consider the source material. Video is presented in Real or Media Player and everything can be snagged for future personal use on your hard drive. Site rules dictate that it's okay to post a picture or two elsewhere (as long as credit is given and a point to where it came from), but not whole sets. What can I say? He's a trusting guy. And he seems to really crack the whip (insert Austin Powers Eyebrow Raise here) to hustle up as much content as he can for his fellow tie-guys (and gals).

The best part is the admission: $6.99 for 30 days, $19.99 for 90 days.

BOTTOM LINE: You can't beat this beatin' or....You can beat it to the all the beatins' that can't be...ahh, fuck it :) Go there. Now. Everything optional.



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