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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.99/30 days
$49.99/60 days

Review of Exploited Black Teens:

For a while now I have had a string of bad luck with interracial sites and it's not because I don't love that category, because I have just found out that I really do. No, it's because of the large amounts of crappy contents you are served at most of these sites. This is why I turned to exploitedblackteens, mainly because I have reviewed the sister site exploitedteens which I loved and I figured that this would just be more of a good thing in a different category. And right I was. I contacted the webmaster to see if they would be interested in a review, and with nothing to hide they helped me out on more than one occasion (appreciated) and I just love this site.

In case you didn't notice it yet, this one falls in under the Reality site category as well. This is a huge phenomenon on the net but this one isn't feeding you unrealistic setup stories, it's just a guy talking to the girls before they are gonna have sex or the girl is gonna give a blowjob. It's not like the girl goes "ow dear, I didn't know we would be having sex", with a doubtful look on her face. When the camera guy thinks the talking is over he tells her and with a smile the girl will start doing her thing.

This is the thing that you will probably all fall for… the girls! I mentioned in the exploitedteens review that the happy atmosphere was a cool part of the site, but here it's even better. I enjoyed these girls so much because they didn't pretend buying some bullshit story made up to make them wanna sleep with the camera guy, no. Throughout the "interview" they are happy, they are talked to in a decent way and these girls' smiles will surely get any guy's meter running. Maybe you think it sounds funny putting so much weight on this part but if you are one of those people (like me) who has visited most of these "reality" sites you will also enjoy this one a lot.

Although the site tries really hard to give you more and more bang for your buck by offering shitloads of leased content, also in the interracial category, you will really only care about the good exclusive content they shoot themselves. When I wrote this review there were 40 models online and all have done one video clip or more, usually more. And just in case it didn't shine through before, these models are the cream of the crop. Hands down the cutest black girls online I have seen. There are also pictures available of most of the models but these are really just filling because the resolution is of thumbnail size, so don't come here for pictures.

The videos are all downloadable MPEGs and cut up into segments. Infact each segment is exactly of 1 minute duration and when I tell you they have scenes of up to 45 minutes duration you can guess how many clips they are cut up into. I always find this a little annoying because I am on broadband and would like to at least have the opportunity to download the whole scene in one piece but at the moment this is not possible here. Luckily each clips is represented by a thumbnail so you can pick out the really juicy and memorable moments right of the bat.

The clips are of high quality and can easily be blown up to full screen.

If you get as much into these videos as I did you will probably try to make the scenes complete yourself… I did with one of them and it turned out great. I did it the same way I did with the exploitedteens clips I used TMPGEnc and for more help on this go !here!. You will of course have to download all the clips for it to be really great but it's worth it ;) My guess is that if you plow the entire site through you can end up with 100 scenes and around 50 hours of porn videos and that IS bang for your bucks.

The site is updated with a new model every week.

1 month: $29.99 (recurring)
2 months: $49.99

I'm shelling out 4½ stars for this site though I never went through all the leased content, and I didn't bother logging into the Yahoo based message board. This site has personality and that goes a long way for a porn site on the net. I would also like to add that I had no download problems whatsoever here. I am on 2mbit and this site maxed out my connection on every download so it took me like 15 seconds to download a clip. This was very enjoyable. Overall this site is a great buy. So if you are looking for video, cute black girls and hardcore action ( a lot of blowjobs ) you have found THE site, inface I don't know of any competitors to this one. Highly Recommended.


Reader comments:

Comment by: heshottman Rating: 07-12-06

can i fuck one of the porn stars am badly off.

Comment by: Goldeneye Rating: 10-03-25

I'd like 2 fuck the shit out of Jazmine!!

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