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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: 3GP, AVI, Flash, MOV, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: Special: $9.99/30 days (Reg. $29.99), rebills at $19.99
$99.99/365 days

Review of MET Art:

First Impressions:

Most Erotic Teen' site has a nice clean, minimal look. Don't be deceived. These folks have been generating high quality softcore for the site since 1999. There's a lot here, and the decision to leave out the whistles and bells of adult web design is actually a blessing. Looking around a bit, it's clear that beautiful young models and talented photographers are the site's specialty. The site claims 232 movies, but the 143,639 photos are definitely what you're paying for.

Digging In:

The glory is all in the details here, so I'll jump right into some of the site's technical specs before addressing the content. Rather than annoy members with slide show features, Most Erotic Teens goes straight for ease of access. Zipped folders of each photo shoot are available for download in high and low resolution formats. Further, no annoying .php scripting tricks blocks access to the folders themselves, meaning that download managers can be used effectively to pull maximal content in minimal time. Site browsing is easy too. MET Art magazine covers identify every photo spread, and thumbnails load quickly. Pictures viewed in your web browser do not open in new windows, however, making for a bit more back-buttoning around than I like.

At this point, I should probably confess to liking the more explicit end of the single-model softcore genre. Strip tease is great, but when full frontal nudity is denied, I tend to lose interest. In terms of the content at Most Erotic Teens, I found roughly half of what I looked at to attain the level of explicitness I crave. On the whole, the photographers contributing to the site tend to prioritize middle-distance, full-body and bust shots. I don't mean to say that there isn't an emphasis on "pink" in their palettes, only that genital close-ups and all forms of penetration are definitely taboo here. Given the amount of detail in the high-resolution files (most of which are bigger than a meg in size), I found myself completely unbothered by the absence of "harder" content. The site's aesthetic seems clearly focused on presenting youthful female beauty in all its innocence, and that's a mission I'm happy to support.

When I find myself uninspired by models on adult sites, I often retreat behind the argument that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Here I have no reservations about recommending the site based on the looks of its stars. There are far too many models at to fall in love with all of them, but potential members can be confident that they'll find no shortage of delightful young talent suited to their preferences. Big-breast lovers might be advised that the site definitely favors unaltered specimens, though.

I'm tempted not to mention the movies here at all, mostly because I can't stop looking at the pics. The quality and quantity of the video offerings has improved greatly over the last year or so at, however, making it hard not to say at least a few words. I downloaded a sample of 8 short videos from the site to get a sense of the range. I went straight for the highest quality flics, which are compressed with a DivX 5 codec. The biggest of the group was 60 megs; the smallest only 10 meg. As I've said, the quality has increased dramatically in recent months. At roughly 10 meg per minute of .avi video, the newest stuff looks very sharp. Go back a couple years, however, and it quickly degenerates. My primary complaint with the film has nothing to do with the resolution, though. Reviewing my samples, I saw some good strip tease modeling performances and some bad ones, but what bothered me throughout was less the amateur poses than the syrupy smooth-jazz and new age soundtracks. Coupled with a number of uninspired sets (where they're not outdoors), the cheesy music served to taint the whole experience for me. In the end, next to the classiness of the photos, I just didn't feel that the videos measured up.

Final Words:

A stunning array of beautiful teen talent and unparalleled picture quality make this one easy to recommend. No-nonsense download features and regular updates put well beyond the bulk of softcore teen sites out there. Fans of erotic photography will be impressed by the list of erotic photographers contributing to the site, and high-bandwidth collectors will marvel at the size and clarity of the images. In short, there's little here not to like. I found the films considerably less sexy and less inspired than the pics, but others may feel differently. Judged strictly on the merit of the photography and talent base, is still a clear winner. Highest quality.

Video Format: choice of formats and qualities

Pics: choice of (very) high-resolution and low(er)-resolution .jpegs


Reader comments:

Comment by: NetReb Rating: 10-11-21

Breathtaking! I've never been so engrossed by a website. The babes are fresh, young, and vibrant, the photography is world-class, and the erotic movies are so stimulating it feels somehow forbidden. And as a bonus treat, many of the captivating beauties are available 24/7 on live webcams. Classy and truly magnificent!

Comment by: abelincoln Rating: 10-11-23

The videos aren't true 1080p. If you want movies, go elsewhere.

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