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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: $29.90/30 days
$69.90/90 days

Review of karups Homegrown Amateurs:

Chances are that a big portion of you out there have already heard of the site which spawned this one; Karupsha is a lot like it's "mother-site" actually only the theme differs. Where karupspc means Karup's Private Collection, karupsha stands for Karup's Hometown Amateurs. The PC site is and anything-goes site where as you might have guessed HA is restricted to amateur content.

If you don't already know karupspc you can read it's review here.

" We've been stockpiling amateur content for almost 12 months and after months or preparation, it's finally ready. Here you will find many never before seen real amateur girls doing what they do everyday. Not only do we offer several photosets of most of our exclusive amateurs, we're now shooting full length softcore & hardcore movies of our exclusive girls."

I won't go into a lot of details with this site because in a lot of ways it's like karupspc but it does differ in some ways. For example you can read in the excerpt above that they are shooting full length movies of the girls. These movies were great and scavenged my through a lot of them. They are download in .zip format (for some reason) and are Windows Media Format. The quality of these clips are good and it gives this site and advantage compared to it's sister site.

Karups has always been know for quality and mega content and this one promises to be no different at all. The updating is just as aggressive as always, updated 6 times a day, one day with 4 new movies and the other days 6 new photo shoots are added. Needless to say you gotta be on your toes to ever get through all the content.

Granted karupsha can in no way compare it's content to karupspc yet, but if you ignore that it's still flooded with content. Add the update ratio to this and you should have pretty good idea of when this site stocked up with content ready to burst.

Navigation is also made easy and though this site is only amateur content (only?) it still has 6 different picture categories: "just plain amateurs", "Athletic amateurs", "ethnic amateurs", "amateurs outdoors", "amateurs with toys" and "hardcore amateurs".

You can also choose to browse through movies only and you you can go through the models by their names in the model index.

1 month: $27.95

Karupsha is in other words more of the good stuff that karupspc is know for, just more narrowed down (to amateurs). The content was already bulging when I dropped by and in 2 months it will be impossible to get a fix on it just like it's sister site. I can easily recommend this one and I'm very happy with the movies available here exclusive to karupsha.


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