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Review of Babes UK:

This is a collective review of,, and

Six months ago I visited and was not impressed at all, content was very limited and the update ratio of 1 per week when you publish licensed content (mostly matrix content) was not impressive. Well six months has gone by and a lot has happened it seems, so much that I felt is necessary to have another look. The main reason for this is that you now get much much more content for your buck not only only on sexy-babes-tv but on the 3 other sites you get access to when signing up to one.

The content on all 4 sites all focus on glamour photos with a big "G" all the girls are knockout babes one and all, like I said in a previous review of this site: "these guys sure know how to pick out material".

When you combine the 4 sites you get frequent updates and over 50,000 licensed pictures (not leased shit). This amount of high quality pictures is actually quite impressive and combined with a rather low monthly price this makes these sites a pretty good buy. On sexy-babes they are pretty proud, it seems, to offer some Knob Ryder feeds. I never got these feeds to work, granted I only wasted 15 minutes on it so I don't really know what it's all about but then again it's just leased material when you boil it down.

Most of the pictures you find are softcore/glamour shots of the girls posing but there is also a good amount of hardcore (glamour) pictures and on 3 of the site they feature some very well known net girls like Devon, Gina Lynn, Pantera, Gauge, Nikki Nova and well the list goes on.

All the pictures are high resolution, good sharp pictures and I really enjoyed going through this massive content while saving like a maniac for the old personal collection. Just imagine over 50,000 pictures of gorgeous babes hardcore/softcore in great quality, you gotta love it. Again I should mention though that the drawback of this site (which is also why it won't ever score 5 stars) is that you might have seen a lot of the pictures before on other Matrix-content-sites. You should check out the samples on all 4 sites and see if it rings a bell.

You shouldn't put too much in to the fact they sexy-babes delivers "over 1GB of video" because 1. it's hard to find and 2. 1GB is not that much ;) I did find a few clips of 10 minutes duration in Window Media format and those were excellent quality but you shouldn't join because of video because there really isn't that much here.

1 month: $19.95


The price is where this site really comes through for the users; 4 sites all with different content and over 50,000 pictures in high quality and mega babes is a lot for $20. Do like me and put your right-clicking to the test and start saving pictures because though I had seen a lot of the pictures before this was probably the best pornstar/glamour resource I had seen in a while. So again, if you recognize any of the samples you might have seen this stuff before, if you haven't joined a lot of sites before give this (these) one a shot, it's worth the money, recommended.


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