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Review of Celebrity Movie Archive:

Lately I have had a few celeb webmasters approach me for reviews and they all seem to have the same attitude. Their e-mails usually start off by requesting a review and then they rant and rave about how much better their site is compared to everyone else's. This time however I found a celeb site that is every bit as good as the guys who make it must think it is. I have visited a few celeb movie sites so far but this one blows them out of the water, and the secret? Super easy navigation, simple as that.
When you run a celeb site the biggest problem is that you have a ton of names and their material to keep track of. Most celeb sites solve this problem with long listing and an unhealthy mix of bad design, well that is about to change.

It is no secret that when I am looking for celeb pictures I turn to right away, no questions asked, but when I'm going to go looking for movies this is the place. In a lot of ways dainews and celebritymoviearchive are alike in their way of navigating the material. There is no doubt in my mind that this site has looked at the way Dai was doing things and got inspired, it's in no way a ripoff, simply inspired.

Like I've done before, I will let a few screenshots speak in this review instead of me trying to explain how this works. First I was amazed with the amount of information I was given the minute I entered the members area, here you can see exactly how much material they have online for you (those damn php and mysql nerds ;)

NOTE: these images have been downsized to fit into this review!

Right away you can see how much they have online and you get a nice overview of how many celebrities are behind each letter plus you know you browse by last name here.

Before I start wandering around the letter indexes I think you should see the search function right away because this is nifty.


You can search in 3 ways (as seen above), the "name" should be self explanatory and the "filename" I think is the most useful for experienced users here but the "Description" is interesting to me. Each clip comes with a nice comprehensive description giving you a very good idea of what exactly takes place in the clip, so if you have any special "story lines" or so you are looking for this feature could come in handy.

So anyways, I went looking for some mpegs of Tiffani-Amber Thiesen (don't tell me you don't dig her!) so here I decide to find it through the T-letter index (for Thiesen).


Here you can see the listing and we get a lot of information again. You can see how many clips there are of each celeb, how many of them are nude and how many aren't. You can also see exactly how many megabytes of video there is and when it was put online. Thoug I admit I was tempted to go astray from my plan and download Charlize Theron clips I stuck with it and went for ms Thiesen.

So I click the link for ms Thiesen and then you see this:


First some quick info about the celeb, then the option of how to list the clips and then the actual listing. You can now see how big each clip is, if it has nudity, how long the clip is and read a description of the clip, can you ask for much more?!?

When you click the link to a clip you can always tell how much credit you have left and see 4 screen captures of the clip. Every step is taken to ensure that you don't waste credit because you thought the clip would be different.

Maybe you are now wondering about this credit system I mentioned all of a sudden? Well it works like this; you pay for the amount of megabytes you wish to download and when you have used these up, you are not re-billed nor is your membership cancelled you always stay as a member even if you decide to leave and come back one year later you can still log in and add credits to your account. The prices are as follows:

100 MB : $2.95
225 MB : $5.95

375 MB : $8.95

500 MB : $10.95
1000 MB: $19.95

To avoid loosing credits un failed downloads, reboots, disconnections etc. the CMA team has a "grace" period of 24 hours. This grace period ensures you that you can resume the download of a clip at any time within this period without loosing more credits. To resume the downloads they recommend the use of the download accelerator GetRight.

A few other stuff I would like to get off my chest that made this site even better would be that they seem to rip most (if not all of the clips) themselves and they rip in excellent quality, a lot of the time straight off DVD sources.
The updates are uncanny, they update every day with tons of clips each time and most of these updates are done by requests from the members. They have a section where each member can go to request a clip and they will try and get it for you, they seem extremely dedicated.

I know, I'm starting to sound like a cheap soap commercial again but seriously I don't have much negative to say about this site, if anything it would be that the screen captures from the clips get big too big for my 1024*768 resolution, but is that really negative?..... Well it is in the way that everything seems a bit out of proportion then, to tell you the truth that part looked better in 1200*1024.

Best damn celeb movie site I have seen to date, you can tell from the first screenshot how much material they have online. I haven't seen sites that offer more online material and everything here was so easy to find, there was so much information and the speeds maxed out my 2mbit connection every time. Overall I truly enjoyed my visit here and if you are a celeb movie fan I'm sure you'll love this place as well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


1. Followup Review
Overall Rating Change

Things have really gone downhill for this celebrity that started out strong but seems to want to finish as a dead horse.<br /><br />Basically the site still functions like it always has, but now it&#39;s no longer being updated. I guess the creators found that there wasn&#39;t enough money to be made in celebrity sites and abandoned it completely.<br /><br />It seems the latest update was made back in 2003 so unless you are looking for some really old celeb stuff I would suggest going to which still seems to be going strong. <br /><br />As an example, there is only ONE nude picture of Paris hilton there and it <em>ain&#39;t</em> from the video tape ;)

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