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Review of Private Teens:

Private Teen

I hate cats. You know, those arrogant creatures that seem oblivious to the fact that if you didn't feed them they'd be stiff with rigor mortis within a matter of days. They don't come when you call them. You can only pet them when they decide they want affection. For some reason, if you hate them, they just won't leave you alone. They aren't like dogs. I love dogs. Dogs are happy to see you when you come home. You can teach them to sit, stay, and even get a beer out of the fridge. I have a big dog because I tend to drink Southern Comfort straight from the bottle and it's too big for a small dog to carry.

Live porn feeds are like cats. You can't download them and view them at your pleasure. They require constant feeding (monthly memberships) but never acknowledge the fact that without you and your money they wouldn't even exist. You want the girls to get down to it, but they have an hour to fill so it takes 30 minutes to see a nipple. You can't fast forward even so you can see what you want when you want it. It's all on their terms. And like the dreaded cat, I can't seem to get away from them.

In case you haven't guessed, PrivateTeen has a lot of live feeds. Of course, it's also leased and if you have read many of the reviews on this site, you can pretty much guess how it's going to go.

Site Contents

I'm not going to go into too much detail here. Upon viewing the intro page, you'll notice a very familiar design and the same promises. One man's "Hardcore and disturbing" is another man's "Run of the mill." I didn't see any exclusive content. It's all leased and the majority of the feeds come from I'm not sure who holio is, but he's getting great exposure from all these lease sites. Here is what you'll find:

· Live Chat

· Streaming Video

· Picture Galleries (the only downloadable thing on the site)

· Web cams

If you don't mind lease sites and you're into the mainstream, PrivateTeen may be for you. They shaved a few bucks off the monthly fee and there are quite a few content sources here. If collecting static pics is your thing, you'll find a great deal of photos from many genres. However, you run the risk of having already seen the material.


Updates are frequent and they have their own area. With all these sources, it had BETTER be frequent.

Video Details

Streaming streaming streaming. The girls aren't streaming, but the video is. Resolutions vary. It's very grab bag. I found it amusing when I clicked on 2x sizing and the browser window got bigger but the actual picture didn't. It just had this big black border. Geez.

Picture Details

There are lots of stills from a lot of different sources here. Resolution is acceptable and you can often choose between 800x600 and 1024x768. Too bad they aren't zipped. I have carpal tunnel from all that right-clicking. There is some domination material here, but it's pretty shy in the fetish department. Very mainstream.

Navigation and Site Design

PrivateTeens is pretty cookie cutter. It's cleaner than many of the lease sites. It's a pretty simple layout and you'll probably not get lost. They open separate browser windows for you which make it easier to get back home.

Get ready for some popups and some bad links. Some feeds didn't work for me and a few of the galleries were missing.

One thing I DID NOT like was the fact that to even see the rates you had to give them everything but your social security number and your firstborn child. If you want to even view the sign-up page, they are going to have your email and home addresses.


3-day Trial -- $2.95
1 Month -- $36.95
3 Months -- $49.95

Overall Impression
Okay, it's a lease site. It's the feline of Internet porn. But if you are going to do purely leased content, this is how you should do it. Most of the contributing sites are well-known and plentiful. The interface is clean and there aren't TOO many popups. So, if you aren't attached to owning the content after your membership is cancelled, it may be worth a look.


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