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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: $34.95/30 days

Review of In The Crack:

In The Crack

In The Crack is what happens when guys like me, who are very fond of the vagina, get a hold of expensive video equipment and learn how to build Web sites. This Canada-based site is pretty young but determined to bring you unbelievably close to the inside of some very attractive women. I'm thinking they could probably enjoy great success by making this material available to schools for use in anatomy courses. It truly is a shrine to the southern hemispheres of the female body.

The site is run by CVP (Charisma Video Productions) but I really couldn't gather much more information about the company from the Web site. They are less into talking about themselves than they are exploring the depths of young women's' orifices. Kudos to them and we all could learn something from that. =)

Site Contents
The site promises: "CVP videos are for the pussy & ass connoisseur who likes to soak in the lovely shapes and contours of the female ass and thoroughly explore the pretty features in the vagina, pussy lips, and anus. Most of our videos will show you things such as girls using speculums, peeing, anal insertion, leaking pussy juice, squirting orgasms, and super deep vagina views. Our hallmark, however, is to put your face in optimum viewing position to bring you all the pussy & ass you can handle. Our special camera techniques and lenses bring you the unique perspective of having your face right up under the girls ass surrounded by bum cheeks and thighs. You get the front row seat up the girl's ass as our girls spread themselves open and put on a very private and intimate pussy and ass show just for you."

Oh, and they deliver. Being fairly young, there's a little to be desired on the quantity side. However, the QUALITY is definitely there.

The site consists of both pictures and videos. WARNING: All of the content is solo female action. There are no Boy/Girl clips and hence, no Boy/Girl related material (like cumshots). All of the material is exclusive and updated regularly. Upon my review the site had around 40 video clips and in the neighborhood of 1000+ pics. I should also point out that this site does have female ejaculation material. This made the review process very enjoyable. So, let's summarize what you are going to see here:

· Female EjaculationPeeing

· Speculum Shots

· Anal Beads

· Dildos

· Solo Female Masturbation

· Shaving

· Other Water-play involving the vagina and anus.

Video Details

Yes, the clips are downloadable, and you have two formats to choose from: QuickTime (.MOV) and Windows Media (.WMV). You can also choose from two resolutions 160x120 and 320x240. Of course the high res vids are also much larger and can eat up your 500MB daily download limit. However, the 320x240 clips are fully capable of handling full-screen and are damn-near crystal clear. The lower res clips were a little lost on my screen as I run 1280x1024. The videos are as short as 45 seconds (about as long as it takes to empty a bladder) and as long as over 9 minutes. Most are about 4 minutes long.

The descriptions for the videos are nice too. Here's a sample:

"Jenny buries a string off pearls up her pussy and ass at the same time. We give you a good long extreme close up view of her anus squeezing and sucking on the string of pearls. This is great stuff for those perverts who like to study every crease and fold in a girl's butt hole in minute detail."

Picture Details
The still images are of amazing quality. There are two types of stills here. They differentiate between "vid caps" and "high res" but even the "vid caps" outdo many other sites. The "high res" images are of simply insane quality. You'll find the navigation system a cinch. Simply click the model and see the thumbnails for the entire shoot. It would have been nice to have them zipped up and ready for download, but that's trivial. There are 21 photo shoots total organized by model.

If you like what you see, you can also buy the VHS for most of the vid clips you see on the site. Don't get me wrong, the vids you can download aren't teasers and the ads are very small and out of the way. Hey, I damn near bought one just to support the site. MORE SQUIRTERS!

It's too damn easy. They will need to rethink their structure down the road when they have a lot of content. But for the quantity of material, the navigation is just as it should be, simple. You can't get lost.

$18.95 Monthly (no trials)

Overall Impression
It's obvious that the creators of the site are very dedicated to quality and making content easy to obtain. Updates are done fairly regularly, so I think the site will grow quickly. My only negative comment would be quantity. Even with the 500MB limit, you could grab the entire site in a couple of days. But hey, you gotta start somewhere! Also, their monthly fee is lower than most sites so that pretty much makes up for it.

Just to be clear, it's a very niche site. What they promise is exactly what you get and it's done with attention to quality (did I mention quality?). I was especially impressed with the amount of verbiage surrounding the clips. You can tell they like what they do. The VHS descriptions pretty much walk you through the content of the tape so you know exactly what you get before you buy.

I'm excited to see where the site goes in the next few months. For now, though, I'm going to give it 4.5 stars. Great stuff if it's what you are into. You can tell they're dedicated. There just isn't a lot there yet so I'm sure they'll be 5-star material given some time to develop.

More information on Female Ejaculation

If you always wondered how in the Hell these girls can do what they are doing, you may be surprised to know that most women have the capacity to ejaculate when they orgasm. I'd recommend reading up on it a bit and trying it for yourself. Here are some sites to get you started. Now, these aren't porn sites, but you may find yourself making your own videos with the knowledge. ;)

-- Gripper

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