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I know that I in the past have accused quite a few websites of overcharging their members but this one takes the cake selling off 50 pictures for $10. The system here is a bit different than other pay sites in the way that your money can really go up in smoke in no time. When you sign up you don't get access to pictures of the many girls they advertise, you have to buy each photo session separate and they usually cost $10 and range from 40 to 90 pictures in a session.

Foxes has a nice collection of babes, and these are the hot voluptuous kind, in short it's top notch glamour babes. The babe ratio is high and the quality is good, I really have nothing bad to say about that at all like I said earlier I just think you get waaaay too little for your money.

Here is an example of how you pay for your pictures:
"The "Candice Baby Doll Dress" photo club contains 53 photos which you can order and gain access to within seconds!. For $9.95 you get both the normal large images and super-large images."

In case you missed it, you get 53 pictures, in 3 different resolutions though, for $10 pricey enough for you?! At first I actually thought you get access to all of one model's pictures so you can imagine my disappointment.

They keep adding a lot of pictures but I don't think it really matters since you have to keep buying the new content. I can mention loads of glamour photo sites where you get a lot more for $15 a month but I am not gonna start.

1 photo session $10


It's just too bad, a site with nice exclusive material and very hot babes overcharging people like you wouldn't believe. They do have a platinum club but I think that one should be a review of its own. If you have way too much money to spend on pictures this place will suck you dry, overpriced!


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