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Review of Seductive Amateurs:

From what I gathered this is the flagship for AdultCash this is the best looking site they have and I say that I was surprised with the amount of exclusive content and all the "fresh" new faces I saw.

To first clear up a little misunderstanding from the frontpage where it says:


This is not so, infact my guess is that half of the girls have videoclips here, well probably more, I think there might be a total of 75-80 models at the site currently and 51 of these have video clips.

It took me a while to get to the video section actually, it was possible to jump from girl to girl and see each girl's photo shoot and from there jump to her video clip(s). However the "quick selection" you use to navigate with did not work for other than the model's list so if you want to go to the video library you must do so from the main members page, and the same with the girl-girl section.

Funny thing about the video clips is that you can only download them, everything is set up so that they should stream to you at different speeds but apparently their streaming server is not working or something because you have to download the clips. Normally I wouldn't mind this but clips are of medium quality and are not really the type of quality I would keep lying around ;)

The clips can be viewed in either WMF or Quicktime format and fair is fair, the video clips are actually ok to look at. You will find a lot of clips with masturbating girls doing dildo insertions etc, lesbian action and sometimes just some topless interviews, all in all it's fair videos.

I liked the pictures, it's mostly softcore but they are of good quality and nice girls mostly no real "dogs". A lot of the girls ofcourse to more than one shoot and others just do the one.

I wouldn't qualify this site as hardcore, BUT if you are one of those who feel that various toy insertions is real hardcore then you will find hardcore here.

That's about all you get, 51 girls doing video clips and all in all 80 maybe more girls with pictures online here. The quality of the pictures keep the same level so no poor shots mixed with good quality, the pictures are pretty sharp and they like to underline the exclusiveness of the pictures by shooting the girls in a t-shirt, I like it ;)

The rest of the site is just filled up with leased material from, and actually this takes up an awful lot of space on the page.

The updates are a bit weird, never have I seen such a mess in an update section. First of all they add max. one photo session per week but I actually question if they even do that. I checked out the latest update, it said it was updated wednesday the 10th of august 2002, well the 10th of august isn't a wednesday maybe it was just a mistake but updates are definately getting less and less frequent here.

1 month: $39.95 (recurring)

As such I liked the site because of the exclusive content and fair quality and fair content but when you look at the price it really isn't worth it. That and they rely far too much on the leased content they have which only comes from one provider, maybe it is a so called "mega site" but I still say they should chop off at least $10 from that price you can do much better for that kind of money out there.


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