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Review of Cathy Barry:

Another "official site" this time from, yep you guessed it: Cathy Barry. Cathy is a pretty, big breasted brunette from Britain it seems. Her webpage looks very professional with a very slick design and easy navigation. With my head bowed down in shame I must confess yet again, that I have never heard of this girl before.

Cathy started out as a bra packer according to her biography and got in to the whole modeling business more or less by accident and what started as a topless shoot for a local shop owner turned out to spawn a new british hardcore pornstar. Now since I don't know her I don't really have the knowledge to call her a pornstar I guess but I will take my chances (it's my right and privilige!).

You probably get around 2000 pictures of Cathy frolicing with both men and women.

For some reason they have divided the gallery section into two parts, the latest and the archived pictures. I think maybe the reason they have decided to do this is because they are now adding better quality pictures to the site. When you go through the archived shoots you will stumble across a lot of blurry pictures, but you won't in the latest additions.

Cathy is a real gem for you big boob lovers out there and I could tell from the forum here that she does have some very dedicated fans, and Cathy seems fairly dedicated to her forum as well. I say fairly because she has written 14 words in the forum within the last 14 days that's not really a lot so you don't really get any interaction feeling with her.

If you really want interaction you could probably go to a webcam session with her, but as is the case with many of these official sites, there is no next time for a live webcam session. Combining all this I started to feel the page was very impersonal and that Cathy probably doesn't give the page much thought.

There is a small video section with 10 sessions cut up into even smaller clips. Some of them I don't see why they have done it with but there you go, they are available in mpeg format and so far most of them are without sound, but one hardcore session was recently added with sound. The other 9 clips are hardcore lesbian action with no boy/girl sex.

I don't know how many of you would be interested in this but you can actually find an "animated pictures" section here, "what is it?" I hear you asking. Well these are 2 frame .gif pictures, you know the deal, like Cathy does and insertion to her pussy and you can see that over and over again in two frames. There are 10 of these bizarre clips.

So let me just sum up some negatives and posivites:

Nice quality pictures and good selection of them, Cathy's breasts, good hardcore content, nice design, easy to navigate, membership does NOT recur!

No real interaction with Cathy, older pictures are poor quality, too few video clips and no sound, no way of seeing the update frequency.

3 days: $10
30 days: $20


Well this is a pretty nice official site, if they actually keep updating and keep it the same quality as the latest additions they are on the right track. My biggest complaint is that it gives you the idea that Cathy is heavily involved with the site which I didn't see much of.


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