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Review of Ulrikas Club:

I will just write this review now and get back to it in a month or two, the reason I look at this now is because I actually knew this girl from playboy magazine and I have even seen her on their site where she has some great pictures. You may join this site for exactly the same reasons, but let me just tell you that for now, this is a no-no.

The site isn't fully developed for sure, but that still doesn't prevent the join function from working perfectly so here it goes:

8 photoset and a biography that's what there is right now, no video like it says on the frontpage and nothing is "sizzling" yet ;)
The quality of the pictures are ok, high resolution but a big grainy all in all not worth much more than $1.

1 month: $19.95


If you read the first part you probably don't even care about the conclusion, it's not worth it blah blah blah.... stay away, you know the drill. I will look again in about a month and see what will happen.


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