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Review of Nicky Starks:

You may not gather it from the the name, but this site is all about black women getting fucked. Even if Nicky Starks is a white guy, make no mistake, this is not an interracial site.
Ghetto booty - chocolate ass - Booty Smackin - Ass Eating - Dick Sucking - Anal Queens, this is how the site introduces itself and basically without moderations this is what you are getting here.

I really got into this site from the second I stepped into the members area, the design is very neat in nice colors and easy to navigate. On the first page you can see the latest updates approximately 2 months back. The site is updated with a photo or video session once a week it's not aggressive but it's a nice pace considering everything is shot by Nicky himself.

You basically have to categories to browse through "girls" and "videos" and if we fist look at the "girls" sections, where you can also access the videos from, you get a very well sorted list of the girls here. They are all represented by a thumbnail accompanied by a short description of the girl including her age and basically her sexual preferences. You have to look through the girls by fllipping through pages containing 15 girls per page, but there are no page numbers, actually it's a bit hard finding back to a girl or even getting an overview of how many girls there are here. If I was a betting man (which I am) I would put my money on around 100 girls.

Not all the girls do hardcore pictures and not all the girls have an awful lot of pictures here. In fact some of the girls only have between 5-10 pictures all together, non-hardcore but mostly they have done a lot more and almost always hardcore as well. All the shoots start out by showing off the girl, you see a strip-serie of the girls with the obligatory booty shot (yes!) and after that it goes over into hardcore boy/girl action usually blowjobs first and so on.

The pictures are pretty good quality, nice resolution and most of the pictures here are quite sharp, easy to enjoy. You have the occasional blurry pictures and the indoor shots get rather dark, so I guess Nicky only uses the flash on his camera to light up the room ;)

All the videos here are in Window Media Format but not to worry, you can actually download all the clips if you don't like the whole streaming idea (kinda like me). The quality of these clips are very good with a few slipups. I watched 4 clips with sound in full screen and the quality was great.

You can get to the video two ways:
1. you can click the videos link
of 2. you can scroll down on the frontpage and check out a complete listing of videos from 2001-2002.

These two sections do contain some of the same clips, but checking out the year archives give you a few more. All in all you probably get around 30 sessions in video clips.

5 day trial: $9.95 (recurring)
1 month: $29.95 (recurring)

It really is a nice site probably the best alternative to I have seen to date. It's not the kind of site I would stay as member of, the updates simply doesn't cut it for that. Also the pictures could be a bit brighter with the indoor hardcore shots. I liked the design really but it lacks overview of the girls in such a way you could find back to a shooting or even know which you have already gone through.

If you are into black girls getting fucked by black guys this site definately does come through for you though and for those of you I can recommend this one.


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