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Review of Bens Babes:

I always feel that I have to say quite a bit about the sites that the webmasters request me to write, however with this site I find myself in a position where I can't really say much about it so here it goes.

This is an amateur site, apparently it's all about this Ben guy finding girls and banging them while shooting the whole thing. This is the basic core of the site and out of this he can now show off 23 pictures shoots, all in all 2034 pictures and 19 video sessions.

The pictures are of medium quality, small in resolutions and not really sharp. Although the videos are in Windows Media Format (which can be downloaded) you get fairly good quality where some of the clips have sound and some don't for some reason.

As annoying as ever or even worse the videos are of course split into an endless amount of clips but to make it just a little more tough you can't even check out thumbnails of the clips so as to hit a "good part". Instead each clips is represented by a picture of a camera.... annoying way to browse really, you basically have no choice but go through all the clips.

Nothing except a store on the site where you can buy some videos.

The forum link says "This feature is coming soon".

They told this was a new site but they have a long way to go to make this site worth $15 (the monthly fee). First of all, the quality of the pictures needs to improve, content must grow and the video section either needs thumbnails or full clips download represented with one thumbnail. Also the design is boring and empty, if you look outside the members area at least it looks like there is some action on the inside ;)

1 month: $14.95


I like the idea of Ben getting girls and banging them on camera and the video will probably always be the greatest strength of this site so this is what they should expand upon and try to improve quality wise as well. One could also hope that they would improve the picture quality. More than anything they need to expand on the content this site is looked through on a broadband connection in a day.


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