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Review of Russian Heat:

Russianheat offers what you think? Yep you guessed it, russian chicks, well I'll be honest I usually use the word "chick" about fairly attractive women which I did not find a lot of at this site. This site is in no way to be compared to, russianheat simply shoot russian prostitutes, mayby russianscan do as well but that is certainly more professionally done.

I bet some of you already guessed how the rest of this review is gonna go and that's right, this site didn't do it for me at all. It's not because it's your average scam site or anything it is just a low quality site in many ways.

One point where russianheat does not deliver the goods is on the quality side. The pictures are either shot by very cheap cameras or by someone who's not quite sure what he is doing and to top that off he doesn't take very many pictures all together. The pictures are quite often washed out, blurry and generally out of focus and if you combine that with the fact that there are huge gaps between the babes on this site, well then you have an unfortunate combination. Also most of the pictures are boring shots in an apartment, the photographer obviously looks for ideas once in a while but it's rare.

As mentioned the photographer (whoever it is) does not take all that many pictures for some reason. First you have 22 models all together, but they all have very few photos shown here. For example, 1 model only has 4, another 9 and so on. All in all I would say you get 1000 pictures here, maybe a tad more but not a lot.
This is simply cause of another and probably the most interesting section of the site the "party photos".

The party photos are basically orgy pictures. There are 11 sessions here with an average of approx. 40 pictures in each and again you have to deal with a lot of motion blurred pictures, quite annoying to look at really. The pictures get close to erotic a few times but in general you are just annoyed with the poor quality. My guess is the photographer is using a very cheap digital camera.

These parties are also streamed to the members live when they take place, there is a calendar where you can see when to drop by, and this actually seems to hold water. I dropped by the day before this review and something was definately going on which looked like it could have become very interesting. Unfortunately I could not stick around but no doubt it turned into a live orgy ;) This feeds ok in quality really, however it refreshes like every 2 seconds so not really fluid, but I guess 56k can join the fun here as well. All in all it feels more like watching a slideshow than an actual stream.

Well that's about all they can offer you here, not a lot and certainly not quality. There is a video section but it's completely empty, kinda beats the purpose of having it don't it? On the frontpage they promise you they have it, it even says they had fun shooting them, but they are simply not there :\

1 Month $12.00
3 Months $29.00
6 Months $45.00
1 Year $65.00
- it does not say anywhere if this is recurring so I will assume it is.

All in all this site really isn't worth much of your time, $12 really is fair price for the site I guess but mainly because of the live cams. You don't loose much by trying this site out, but I doubt any of you would stay as members.

- The samples I have chosen shows off the prettiest models here I could find, it's all downhill from there, be warned ;)


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