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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$4.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$54.95/90 days
$74.95/180 days
$119.95/365 days

Review of New Sensations:

Regularly I have been checking out newsensations because for some reason a lot of pornliving readers come here from that site. I thought maybe they were checking to see if we had reviewed and when a reader e-mailed us yesterday to review it I jumped to it.

As it turns out this site is quite a mouthful to review because it's actually filled up with nifty little options and exclusive content both picture- and videowise. So let's pick a place and start.

At the moment they have around 200 models in their archive here, not exclusive models, but exclusive shots of them. Most of these girls are commonly used models and some even pretty big stars like: Tera Patrick, Sylvia Sain, Jewel De Nyle and more. Practically all these models offer several shoots of themselves devided into softcore and hardcore, most models have done both if you count lesbian action.

While you are surfing through the models you can always see if a model have either video or photos available this is shown with two icons next to their names, quite nice. When you choose a girl you then get some options like what quality you wish to view the pictures in, regular or high and you can also choose to just take down the .zip file. Not all galleries have high quality and zip available yet, but it is beeing worked on and most of them already offer it.

The pictures are of pretty high quality, it's not the highest out there but it's good quality for sure. The resolutions are a bit small, like the regulars are 319*480 usually and the high quality ones are 519*800. The pictures are also just a tad blurry at time, not very sharp and that's a bit of a shame when browsing through such beautiful women. The pictures are of good quality and the small imperfections doesn't hurt the whole as you browse through them really. Besides the thousands and thousands of pictures that are exclusive to NS they also offer a shitload of non-exclusives, I did not go through these ;)

Next stop the video section and this was just as jam packed as the picture section. Unfortunately the quality here was overall medium or just above. Most of the clips are offered in Real Media format and you can usually choose between 3 types of quality here, although I always chose the hiqhest quality I wasn't really impressed except to say the sound was nice and clear. I think it's a good idea to explain all the different sections the video clips are devided in to.

Papa loads: This is NS' way of giving you a "virtual blowjob" you simply watch a clip shot in 1st person view giving a blowjob while talking dirty to you. (approx. 60)

Sybian video diaries: Girls riding the sybian. These clips are also available in quicktime which is a bit better quality and windows media format. (approx. 120)

NS hardcore clips: What do you think? Quicktime and WM here as well (approx. 70+)

Pretty girls' videos: Watch a playboy like stripping video where you sometimes hear and interview with the girl as she gets naked and masturbates. (approx. 100)

Screamin o's: The girls masturbate to orgasms (approx. 12)

Peter Pops: Peter North cumming over the girls in clips. (approx. 70)

NS interviews: Interviews with the girls. (approx. 30)

Quite a mouthful huh? They also offer streaming video feeds from their movies, which I did not go more into. Also there are loads of leased video feeds and actually I think it's worth mentioning that you get acccess to a lot of netvideogirls clips, which are great.

Navigation is easy, You just have to get used to the High quality pictures and the zip archives are "coming" it says quite frequently. However a nice idea is infact the ZIP section, this gives you a complete overview of the shoots that can be downloaded in zip and you can actually download straight from here, a very quick way to start a great picture collection in a hurry.

Updates are very frequent, the site is updated 4-5 times a week with both video and pictures, this site is growing rapidly.

Some extra stuff could be the online store ofcourse, loads of games to play, some dating stuff... didn't check this out


3 day trial: $3.95
1 month: $24.95

This site is certainly worth the $25 and maybe more. Although quality is not the highest of the high, it's all good and the huge amount of exclusive content more than make up for it. You can try the 3 day trial, but unlike other sites you won't get through all the content here in that time ;) This site comes highly recommended.


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