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Review of World Sex Archives:

Funny prostitute story: one day, driving down the road, I stop at a stop light. Theres some downtrodden lady at the corner, and she starts knocking on my window. What the hell is going on, I'm thinking in my head. So I let her in. She says she needs a ride, she's caught out in the rain. Freakin great, I'm thinking. Conversations works its way in and out, and more sooner than later I find out, this lady is a prostitute! Had I maybe read the tips on World Sex Archives, I'd avoid this situation. Or at least find a prostitute that was better looking.

World Sex Archives is different than your typical porn website. Very different, in fact. It's not about pictures and it's not about movies. It's about a community. A community of guys who like to sleep with prostitutes. Of course, they have to sleep with them! Todays review will be a little different, and it might not be aimed at you, but this website does provide a good service to people who are interested in acquiring a prostitute.

World Sex Archives is set up mainly like a bulletin board system. When you login, you find the area you are interested in (usually either where you live or where you are travelling to) and you are taken to a message board. My location (New York, USA) had a fairly big list of messages, but yours may be less. Inside the messages, people talk about where to meet prostitutes, the "going rate", and even sometimes share pictures of the prostitutes they have conquested. You can, of course, post a message and talk about your experiences, or ask a question so you can have an experience.

This is not to say that the site does not provide any pictures. The main menu has a listing of sets that members have taken and sent in. There are pictures and movies thrown in here along with a long story of what happened. The pictures and movies are, of course, amateur quality. Each photographer has a different quality level, some are great and some are horrible. Just have to keep this in mind. There are a ton of sets here, primarily pictures but they are doing videos now and theres some on there. These pictures are what you would expect from a true amateur site, but with the girls being prostitutes instead of housewives and girlfriends. I consider myself a fan of this kind of stuff, but I just felt that the content here was too tame and too "hidden." I don't blame the prostitutes- they aren't getting paid to be on picture or video. It's a cool extra if your looking for some prostitutes, but as a standalone its nothing too special.

There are no site extras, leased sites, or any kind of bonus material whatsoever. The site changes a lot since it's mainly a message board, but I'm not sure how often the site endorsed pictures are updated. ANyone on the message board can post pictures anytime, I guess you are continuously getting content- but that also means having to go through all the countries, states, and areas to get everything. Luckily, there is a link that shows you the newest posts, so once you go through everything once, you can find the newer stuff easily.

The girls on here are prostitutes. Plain and simple. Some of them can look good, but in the grand scheme of things, you're looking at a less than desirable woman. Unless you like that sort of thing. The U.S. prostitutes are particularly nasty, some other countries have girls that are at least passable. All in all though, if your expecting beautiful women on this site... look elsewhere. If you're looking for girls who have had a hard life and have had to resort to hooking to provide, then maybe this is for you.


World Sex Archives is a cool tool if you are a big fan of prostitutes, maybe if you travel a lot and want to see what the world has to offer as far as working girls go. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is not deep into these scene however. It's a real nice community, honestly, I'm just not sure if I would PAY for this site...


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