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Review of Babyface Mag:

I hope the people at are doing a good job of checking the identification of their models because many of their 18 year-old models look younger than 18. I suppose this is great for the Teeny fans but it's still a bit scary.

Here's what they say:
Tens of thousands of pics guaranteed to turn your cock into a cum-launching geyser! Teen flatties, freckle-faced high schoolers, students in their school uniforms-and out of them, innocent virgins, young lezzies.
Looking for blazing hot teen sex? Innocent, young high school girls exploring their bodies for the first time? You'll find it here. Live feeds, downloadable clips, and dozens of videos you can own. See teenage girls, masturbating for the first time!

Well, if we forget for a moment about the "geyser" and "masturbating for the first time", we can certainly confirm the "innocent, young high school girls exploring their bodies" part.

Unlike some other Teeny sites I have seen, these are not 20-something woman who think they still look like teenagers; this is the REAL thing. Not to put too fine a point on it, but - these girls are YOUNG. (See - I even say "girls" when I always say "women").

When you enter the member's area of Babyfacemag, the web page title changes to 18Eighteen Magazine Online. 18Eighteen and BabyFace are the names of popular men's magazines that have been around for a number of years. All of the photographs which appeared in those magazines back to before 1998 are available online (in 800x600 and a whopping 1600x1200 resolution). The photo archive can be searched by date of publication, by model's name (a handy feature which other sites tend to ignore) and by hair color.

They claim to have "10's of thousands of pictures" online. I gave up after counting 400+ models with 60+ pictures each. (For the mathematically challenged that comes to over 24,000 pictures but I believe there may be more than that - see below).

Video fans have a choice of BabyFace's original movies and licensed video feeds. Movies in the "Video Clips" section are available in several formats: AVI, Mpeg, and Real Media. For some reason they post a confusing comment on each page that says: "Can't wait for the video clip? Get the whole uncensored video at our online store." At first I thought this meant that they had full-length movies online which would be too large to download for people with slow connections. Only after I looked around did I understand that they only have a few (mostly) 30-second clips online which are really advertisements for the full-length movie that they sell. Of course, 30 seconds of movie is hardly enough time to sneeze let alone do anything else. There are 22 models and about 40, thirty-second and a couple of 60-second clips in this area. Clips are mostly nudity and masturbation, some with toys, a few girl/girl and a couple of boy/girl action.

In the "Our Movies" section you'll find 6 to 8 minutes of excerpts from 10 different movies in Mpeg format. Titles include: "Louise's Lesbian Escapades", "Amanda's Anal Adventures", "XXX teen amateurs #1 and #2" (both hardcore) and "Teen Lezzies". As in the "Our Clips" section, the videos here are a come-on to buy the full-length videos. They remind you on each page: This video is hot! Order "Teen Lezzies" today! or ORDER BABYFACE XTRA #2 NOW!

If you ignore the advertising and the short length you'll find that the movies are professionally filmed, sharp, good resolution, downloadable and all of the models are YOUNG.

The licensed video feeds, as usual, vary from good to poor - most are average or below. Not all feeds stay with the teen theme of the site: You'll find "Girls Feed" and Barely 18. You'll also find Deja Vu Showgirls, and Asian Feeds (for example).

There are articles in the Feature section that look like they must have come right out of the magazines. There are 14 articles, 5-8 pages long, with titles like: "How to Bed a Virgin - Most red-blooded men would agree; when it comes to sex, there's nothing better than a tight little teenage twat" and "Eating Pussy - This article highlights the importance of giving a master lick. You won't get an standing ovation...just a great blowjob in return!"

There is also a section of fiction: "What will Daddy Say? - Rodger would never seduce his best friend's daughter, but he can't resist when she seduces him." and "Perks - A basketball coach takes full advantage of a few young admirers on and off the court." It's Not very intellectual, but it's sure to appeal to the fans.

In features you'll also find sex games (Strip Blackjack, Match the Snatch, and Rad Libs), Aureal Sex - which is a licensed feed of women reading sexy stories (75 five-minute stories), and then you'll find - a bunch more galleries! They lose a couple of points here for being disorganized, but gain them back for having lots more content.
I have a couple of nits to pick with these "hidden galleries". For example "Real Sex Videos" doesn't have any videos at all. It has photo out-takes from videos - in low-res to boot. And older women start popping up in these extra galleries as well - (did they start running out of teenies?)

Don't miss the advice section.

Here's what they say about updates: "We update the site four or five times daily, including the weekends!!!!"

3 day trial $4.95
1 month: $29.95


Looks like a great place for those who like them young. Ignore all of the advertising for the magazines and movies and enjoy all the good photography. I only wish the video's were longer.


Reader comments:

Comment by: annegerb Rating: 07-04-27

I love these girls. They are just hot!! But only pics - don't expect more. Good thing: You can join for 4.95 and rip the whole site...

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