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Review of Hot Candy:

Meet Candice a 40something woman with impressive chest measurements who is married and likes to hook up with other cute looking guys (you can apply when you have signed up).

I do not enjoy writing these reviews because when I saw the very first picture on this site I just knew this was gonna be hell to get through (the things I look at for you people!).

Anyway Candice, or Candy as her friends call her is another amateur wife gone online to get her hands on all the money that are supposed to be out there and I think it's fair to say that she is a mature lady.... wouldn't you?

Well Candy and her husband apparently have either no idea how to run a paysite, or they just don't give a rats ass about what they offer their members. All the pictures (each and every god damn one) are of the worst possible quality I can think of. They are all out of focus, grainy and small, a really bad combination. Some of the guys faces are ofcourse sencored and this is done quickly by squirting a quick brown spot over their faces, though you hardly notice it because of the already poor quality.

Since pictures is all you get and no video clips let's look at what else they offer their members. Well there is the picture of the day function, very nifty made with 31 pictures only rotating with a java script, and these pictures are ALWAYS the same. So the statement about "every day a new picture" is ofcourse a blatant lie.

Besides Candy's own site she host's two other sites: Granny's Site and Kylee's Site. Kylee's site was the best one probably however Kylee is not a "mature" woman, she looks like she is in her 20's and has large breasts. Her pictures were of poor quality too but still the best quality out of the 3 sites.

Besides these sites they all link to some leased content and you have to get used to adds at the bottom of each page + you get a nice popup window every time you enter the members area, score!

Not much point in dragging out this review, this site is poor in every way and I'm amazed. If they are actually still updating with new content how come they still put out such awful quality pictures?!?

1 mont: $19.95


Stay away from here and spend your money elsewhere, the quality here is just too poor sorry.


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