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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.95/3 days, rebills at $39.95
$29.95/30 days

Review of I Teens - Teens for Cash:

I just ran over this site today thinking I was gonna delete this review. Well there's no need, the site HAS changed and though it is for the better, there is a catch. The site is nothing original at all, infact it seems the owners of have bought this domain and are selling access to that content through this domain as well. Therefore I include the review to below as this gives the same access.

Ever have the following conversation?

You: For a million dollars, would you __________?
Friend: Hell no.
You: How about for two million?
Friend: HELL YES!

It happens all the time. You can fill in the blanks with, suck another mans dick, fuck your grandmother, or whatever ill advised sexual stunt you can think of. You might sometimes think about what you can get a girl to do, if you had money to just throw at her. Today we introduce Teens for Cash, a site with that theme in mind.

Teens for Cash is a reality video site. The theme is that theres these two old dudes, who prowl the streets for teenage girls to fulfill their sexual needs for a just compensation. Or, to put it simply, they give them money then they bang the shit out of them!

Upon first entering the site, my thoughts were "wow!" Theres like a million links all over the place, left and right sidebars, just stuff all over the place. It's kind of sloppy as far as design goes, but at the same time it's pretty easy to navigate. I think the point they were trying to get across was that this site is one you will be a member with for a very, very long time. And if your like me, thats not too far from the truth. 

The main content is laid out in the center of the page, with links to take you to the original content girls. On both sides and on the bottom are a mixture of leased and bonus sites, which will be discussed later. Upon picking the original content, you are taken to a page with one thumbnail of each girl (closeup of face), and after choosing a girl you see a few more smaller thumbnails of the action, and the option to choose between pictures and videos. This is a video driven site so I'll talk about those.

The videos are done in .WMV format, and segmented into two minute segments. If you're running a slower connection, you can also click on a link that has 30 minute segments. I wish there was an option to download the full video, as there are usually 20+ segments due to the length of the videos. Kind of a pain to download, but it's suffering in a good way due to the content of the videos. The videos themselves are pretty average in quality, there was some pixelation in normal view and more in full screen, it's definately not the worst I've seen but also definately not the best.
NOTE: Right after this review was written the webmasters changed the site to only offer streaming video. We asked about what was going on, and we were told they didn't know if this would be permanent. Please note that as of now you can only watch all the movies as streams, more updates on this soon.

The actual content is what makes the videos rise above those few minor problems I encountered. The videos begin with these guys doing the pick up. That usually lasts about ten minutes, and then it's on with the stripping and sex. The videos are shot well, and are great as far as camera angles go, and just when one shot is getting boring, they change it up. Needless to say, I was very impressed with what I saw. The videos last quite a while (at least 40 minutes per girl), but they will also hold your interest due to them being changed up quite a bit.

The girls are for the most part, very barely-legal looking and cute. They are natural looking, and they play their roles very well. Very good selections by the website. The guys look like a couple of dirty old men paying for some young ass, kinda shady but at the same time you grow to love them. I really thought they did a good job enforcing the theme, and making it original and fun. I really didn't see any videos I didn't want to download, which means lots of time on teens for cash and lots of fun on teens for cash.

Oh yeah, theres also a pictures section. Hehe, sorry, got so carried away with the awesome videos I almost forgot. The pictures section is just sort of there. The pictures are just vidcaps from the videos, so the quality is kinda messy and they are just kind of sporadic. You can never get the quality of a straight up picture with a vidcap, but with videos like this, it doesn't matter, I really don't think you will be spending a whole lot of time on the pictures section.

So with all this awesome content, awesome girls, theres got to be a catch right? Not updated enough right? No bonus material, right? Not enough girls, right? WRONG WRONG WRONG! This site is updated WEEKLY with a new girl. There are over 30 girls on-site at the time of review, and the bonus content is so beefy, I need to dedicate a whole paragraph to it!

The bonus material is astonishing. First of all, you get access to a "reality pack" of reality sites done by the same people. This includes, Milf Seeker, BackSeatBangers, Herfirstbigcock, Mysextour, Pornstudsearch, BlackOnWhiteSluts, and Bangboat. A quick look shows that these sites are just as beefy as Teens For Cash. On top of that, these guys really loaded up on the leased material, with a link that gives you over 55 leased sites which are all pretty good quality and worth checking out. All I can say is wow wow wow.

Well, if you like porn and teens, this one is a no brainer. They feature great reality teen porn videos and tons of them with consistent updates. My only qualm is that the videos are just streams and since they also offer this content as leases to other sites, you would get just as much by joining another exclusive site and get their site as a bonus package. Still it's one of the best reality sites out there in my opinion.


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