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Prices: $29.95/30 days

Review of Smother:

This site is a part of a Fetish site ring consisting of 12 sites. When signing up to one of them you get access to the 11 others. This is a collective review of all them with a collective score.

The front page of Fetish Planet says "Every Fetish you could possibly Imagine" and 300,000+ XXX & Fetish Pictures! 100,000+ XXX Sex Channels! Exclusive Fetish Channels!"

Well, I don't know that every fetish imaginable is represented. I was able to come up with some that weren't. In fact, it's something of a curiosity to me that they chose to call the site "Fetish Planet" when so little of the content is of fetish. There is certainly a lot of content here. I didn't count but I bet the "300,000+" and the "100,000+" are correct. I would estimate that less than 5% qualifies as fetish; maybe much less. Its really hard to say cause this is one of those magasites where you can go around and around following the links, looking at pictures, click on another link find, yourself somewhere else, and then don't know how you got where you are.

So in terms of quantity - they've got it. In terms of quality it's something else. As with all of the megasites I have visited there is a wide range from poor to good. This makes sense since most of this is the same material that the other sites have, the same photo series, and the same video feeds. If you saw them there, you've seen them here: 640X480 scans which aren't very sharp, and the Holio video channels (for example).

It was hard to evaluate the fetish material. First, cause there was so much repetition, the same material showed up on different pages and in different categories. And then there was a lot of stuff mixed in that probably shouldn't be called fetish. For example, behind a link labeled "New! The Dungeon Extreme BDSM - Domination at its Best" were four "dungeons". In the dungeons were galleries called "threesomes", "foursomes", "group sex", and "close up". Not my idea of Extreme BDSM.

On the other hand, there was a page described as "XXXtreme Broadband Theater - 8 Full-Length videos. This is hardcore fetishism to the XXXTreme. Streaming in high-quality broadcast format, this site is sure to please!" This material certainly lived up to its name.

"House of Pain" is streaming video from Holio. This material is so fake that the only pain is from watching it. Fetish Factory is another disappointing Holio Stream. I guess if you only look at the accompanying pictures you can' tell how fake the material is.

On the Page called "Fetish Vision" there were supposed to be "99 channels. See high-quality XXX hardcore fetish videos. Choose from one of many categories - such as transsexuals, foot fetishes, spanking, and more!" Unfortunately, I couldn't get in to check it out. I kept getting an error "syndicator cookie format invalid".

One of the big features of Fetish Planet is supposed to be the 17 "Bonus Sites" you have access to. These sites are: Amateurs, Asians, Big Tits, Black, Bondage, Eve Ellis, Facials, Foot, Gay, Hardcore, Hardcore Videos, Panty, Smother, Teens, Toons, Trample, and Trannie.

Except for the Eve Ellis site (see below), all of the others are variations on the Fetish Planet page - the same links, same layout, etc. It seems that you can get to any of the content of those other "sites" by just looking in the same category on the main page. The only difference is that the specific sites have organized the links to that category in one place. So it's not really fair to call them sites.

But I have to emphasize that there is SO much content here, and so many links and so many pictures and video streams you can't be sure what all is where and could probably spend weeks and months just trying to check it all long as you can deal with the quality and the repetition.

The Eve Ellis site deserves mention because it is the only content, which I was sure, was original. (There may have been some more, but if so it was hidden among all of the purchased content). Eve Ellis is a modern Bettie Page, both in looks and in the pictures she poses for. There are art and bondage pictures, fetish fashion, video clips, chat room, Eve's journal, and Eve Merchandise. Eve is one hot woman, and deserves her own site. Some of her videos alone are worth the price of admission.

1 month: $39.95
$2.95 for a 3 day trial


$39.95 is at the top end of the price for monthly memberships for an adult site. They probably have to charge that amount of money to pay for all of the content they are buying. Did I say that there is a lot of content here? If quantity and variety is what you are looking for, and can afford the price, you couldn't do better. If you are looking specifically for fetish material, you might want to look elsewhere.

These are the sites you get access to when you sign up to one:


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