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Review of Chuck Stevens:

This is another photographer which I came across while checking up on some old reviews. Chuck Stevens is a skilled photographer without a doubt and I decided to contact him for a review after having looked at some of the free pictures he offers here and here. I found these pictures interesting, out of the ordinary and quite erotic, and luckily mr Stevens allowed me to look at the rest of his work.

"Hello, my name is Chuck Stevens and I am a glamour, fashion and erotic fine-art photographer based in San Francisco, California. Welcome to my Models Call. As you will see on this web-site, I indulge in many forms of photographic self-expresion. It is my goal in life to photograph my ideas of beauty, sensuality and other dramatic styles of erotica, in as many situations and locations as possible."

First thing I noticed when I entered the members area, was the very different navigation method. Navigating through the girls and categorys is done with listboxes. The advantage of this is you can quickly go straight to the girl whose pictures you wish to view, and the downside is if you are new to this site and don't know the model, in this case thumbnailed navigation is nice. No doubt this method is easy and very very quick because you don't have to wait for 50 thumbnails to load on each page.

Although the pictures are very sharp and ofcourse professionally shot, the size of the pictures is not overwelming, they are not small as such but no doubt these very original and erotic pictures would be done justice in a higher resolution. has informed me that all pictures as of march 2002 are now done in high 12" resolution and all future additions will be high res, great!

Again, while browsing through the pictures one by one, the navigation was quick and easy, and always easy to switch to another photoshoot right away.

All the pictures that you find on this site are ofcourse exclusive to Mr Stevens. You won't find any leased or even licensed material here, infact the pictures you find here, you will only find here.
At present time there are around 105 different photosessions here and around 65 different models. The content is constantly expanding with the addition of a new shoot each week.

So what kind of pictures are these?
The site states these pictures are glamour pictures, and ideed they are, but they stand out from your ordinary glamour sites. The pictures here are both very erotic and artisctically shot. You will find quite a few black and white pictures here which I enjoyed very much and have added to my own personal collection (SSssssh!). Ofcourse we are in the softcore category with this site, and although it is glamour pictures some some shots can be explicit.

The girls are all pretty young girls with a nice ratio of black women if that tickly your fancy, it should cuz the ones you find here are really beautiful with great bodies.

- I got a mail from Mr Stevens, reminding me that I forgot about the amount of fetish pictures they add here, perhaps he will touch this subject better than me.

" might have been nice to have mentioned some of the erotic fetish and light bondage work that we have been adding the past six months, and have a lot more new work coming up, such as close-ups of feet and toe-sucking, very hairy models, oiled bodies, pantyhose, pussy shaving, lots of very high heels, stockings, and garters, food fun, spankings, schoolgirls, upskirts, and much more. "

It's not hard to guess that I had nice time at this site and it's hard to really knock it down because of it very fair price, but if I were to point out a few negatives it would be the size of the pictures. An option that would allow the users to download the shoots in .zip files would also be nice and an alternative thumbnail navigation. It should be said that some of the latest additions I looked had rather high resolution pictures in them.

Maybe some video clips in the future would be a great idea, ofcourse then the price would go up, but still.

1 month: $9.95

If I had a "GREAT BUY" prize here I would slap it on this site. Very rarely do I come across a site below $14.95 that isn't complete crap, but this site pulls it off with highly erotic pictures, beautiful women and 100% exclusive pictures all the way. If you are into erotic glamour shots of beautiful girls this site definately gives you your moneys worth.


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