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Review of Naked South:

tncuties/ (recently changed to from is a living proof that anyone without any html skills or knowledge of the net can make a porn site. This site looks like it was made with an early netscape composer but is infact put together with frontpage 5.0. I'm not gonna lie to you, this site looks bad, the design is very poor and one can only hope this will be changed in time.

This site truly is a mix of emotions to review, on one hand I really like the girls here, and I love the quality of the pictures and on the other, so many things annoyed me while I was surfing around here.

Let's start off by looking at the pictures, now the quality is great HQ all the way and they are sharp as hell, but each picture's file size is quite large, we're talking up to 200 kb per picture and they aren't that big in resolution. No doubt tncuties wants their girls displayed as well as possible but the filesizes here would bother anyone within a matter of minutes. When I visited this site I was on a 256/256 adsl line and it took at least 10-15 seconds to load up each image, what a drag. Luckily you can download the complete shoots in .zip files but these are also very big an require a great deal of patience to download. I tried to download 160 pictures in one .zip file, this was just under 30 mb in size, so dial-up users need not read on.....
- While surfing I came across 5-7 .zip downloads that wasn't
working, the files simply didn't exist, also quite annoying.

Having said all these horrible things I would like to add that the girls here really are cuties, I mean, the name simply couldn't have been picked any better. Wonderful natural looking cute girls in high res, needless to say it almost makes it worth all the bother ;) I surfed around for a long time and I really wanted to download a lot of zip files of the photo shoots but the speed was killing me.

There are around 31 models here so far, where most of the girls (if not all) have done more than one shoot. The shoots can contain up to 300 pictures and some models do up to 5 shoots (highest I saw).
It appears that the makers of the site might be adding movie clips in the future. For now there is only one mpeg here titled "untitled.mpg" and it is 25 mb in size. I didn't download it, the speed simply wasn't good enough.

The updates are quite frequent with a new photo session added 3-5 a week members are certainly kept busy with fresh material if the existing archive isn't enough.

1 month: $19.95

Indeed the girls here are very very cute, and the quality can't be complained about at all, the whole experience is ruined by the speed of the site combined with big file sizes, a non-existing design, broken links and one video? Anyways the pictures are really good I loved them, but this really isn't a $19.95 site in my book, make it $14.95 and you got a sale, and maybe switch uplink provider. A good site with flaws that can be sorted out.


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